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Spare the Rod, Foil the Child

Josh acts like a complete and utter spaz in a montage that is designed either to make him beloved or get him committed, depending on your perspective. He makes a lot of weird noises. I don't know. Marcellas still thinks he's stupid and nasty. Oh, and we get to see him fart, because what's more entertaining than that? Chiara comments that although Josh is funny, "there's a deep sadness in him." Well, yes. Most creeps are like that, if you know anything about creeps. (And believe me, I do.) Chiara talks about how much "more" she can see in his eyes, and then we go to this crazy-ass shot of Josh, staring at us with this blank, serial-killer expression that's about three degrees to the left of that guy you see in the paper who just got arrested for trying to set some minor celebrity's house on fire. Jason is sure there's a "great guy" hiding underneath Josh's many layers of evil. Roddy says Josh is secretly "a softie." The only thing I really care about is that we've reached a point where the TiVo beard is almost entirely gone from the footage they're using of Josh. At some point, he at least shaved, and I am grateful for small favors at this point.

Stage Five of Josh's Descent Into Madness. Josh sits on his cot in Youth Hostel Lite, snorfling to Roddy about the fact that he doesn't have very many friends. You know, I feel for the guy, but he might consider examining his behavior for clues about why his social life isn't flourishing the way he might like. Roddy tells Josh not to worry -- Roddy is his friend. Josh tells Roddy he's "one of the greatest people I've ever met in my life." In the diary room, Josh talks about how much he cherishes the friends he has (according to the principles of supply and demand, I suppose), and yes, it's clear that both in the conversation with Roddy and in the diary room, he's choked up. Sigh. In the diary room, he declares that he "love[s] Roddy." Roddy says Josh is "a rare person" he's "glad [he] got to meet." ["Which makes it sort of sound like Josh is a unique specimen in which Roddy is interested for purely clinical reasons. That's how I choose to interpret that comment, anyway." -- Wing Chun]

Josh cries in the bathroom.

Later, Josh comes to the Big Bed Room for a chat with Lisa. His message to her: Please veto Roddy. Please, please veto Roddy. Roddy didn't deserve to be nominated, Roddy's never been anything but nice to anyone, Roddy is shiny and smells good, et cetera. "I would give you anything," he pleads. He cries some more. Lisa looks at him somberly. "I just beg you to use that power of veto on him," Josh says miserably. Lisa acknowledges him with a tiny, serious nod. He starts for the door. "Just look in that heart, that's all I ask." He leaves. The second -- and I mean the second -- he's gone, Lisa cracks up. Leans forward with her head in her hands, and cracks up. Which was very, very funny, although ironically I think that for once, Josh was slightly sincere, which makes it seem a little mean. But mostly? Fun-ny.

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