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Chiara enters the HoH room to check out her cool basket of goodies. She pulls out some pictures of her friends, and hands them around to the other houseguests. Josh, puzzled: "You said your friends were all hot! What happened to these three?" Okay, it's rude. And it's not like it's witty or anything, but yeah, I chortled. Probably in part because I find the notion of telling everyone how hot your friends are to be so pathetic that I rather enjoy seeing her charred like a Cajun chicken sandwich for it. Roddy says in the diary room that he's really happy that Kiki is HoH, because she's "someone [he] can really believe in." Oh, look -- it's Foreshadowing (tm Sars), putting up two fingers in a "V" behind Roddy's head! Kiki talks some more about how being HoH is the bomb.

Gerry relaxes in the Aquarium Room and tells Josh that he expects to be nominated, but he refuses to spend the week fretting about it. Good for you, Gerry. Josh, still sporting the TiVo-legs beard, says that he doesn't think Gerry will necessarily be nominated, and he certainly doesn't think that he himself will be on the block. Oh, look -- now Foreshadowing is gnawing on Josh's ear! Isn't that cute? Josh, loudly, in the diary room: "Chiara as head of household? There's no way my Jew ass goes up!" The joy I am able to take in watching that remark in retrospect almost makes up for how much I detest him for making it.

Kiki and Lisa chat in the Big Bed Room, with Danielle listening in. Lisa points out that if Kiki puts up Josh, the one possible problem would be Gerry getting the veto. Chiara responds that this is no problem, because she's going to make a deal with Gerry where she'll demand that he "give his word" that he won't veto Josh, or else she'll put him up. I shouldn't be surprised by it at this point, but that is a really idiotic remark. Gerry knows they already intend on screwing him very shortly, so he has very little to lose by doing whatever he wants in spite of anything he might promise. Danielle laughs when Kiki says this, which Kiki thinks is because she's so brilliant, and which I think is because she's so comedically addlepated. Sometimes I love Danielle and sometimes I don't. This week I do.

Josh goes to Roddy with an interesting tale. It seems he spied a little handshake between Jason and Marcellas, and he now believes that they had a deal regarding the booting of Eric. Josh (fairly astutely) diary-rooms that Roddy needs to wake up and smell the spicy aroma of intrigue, because he's quite mistaken in believing that he's got the whole game and everyone in it wired. Roddy, because he trusts Marcellas more than he trusts Josh, takes this story directly to Marcellas himself. Ah, poor Josh, the Boy Who Cried Backstab. How frustrating for him -- telling the truth for once, and nobody believes him. That would make me cry if I weren't occupied with laughing with joy and clapping a pair of castanets together. Marcellas tells Roddy that Josh is full of it, as usual -- there was no deal. Marcellas and Jason did not have any sort of joint plan with regard to ousting Eric. Roddy is rather unhappy that Jason voted to boot Eric, because it turns out that Jason strongly suggested to Roddy that he would vote to boot Lisa. Roddy wants to know what the story is. His new argument is that he feels wronged by Jason's vote not because Jason didn't vote the way Roddy hoped he would, but because Jason misled him about how he planned to vote, and thus he did not say goodbye to Eric. Wow, I've driven uphill on winding Oregon mountain roads behind logging trucks weighed down with enough timber to build three towns and have enough over for a spice rack, and I've still never seen that big a load.

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