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Julie announces to a waiting Eric and Amy that the big winner is Amy. Amy laughs happily. She walks up the stairs and rings the doorbell, and Chiara opens the door. Marcellas runs over and throws his arms around her. I have to say that everybody looks genuinely happy to see Amy, in part because she's a new face, relatively speaking, and I think they're bored out of their wits. Danielle also looks like she has some real affection for Amy, and gives her a very nice greeting. "Thank y'all! Thank y'all so much, I missed y'all so much!" Amy babbles happily, in a way that is actually quite endearing. I'm sure she'll bug me again soon. Jason also looks extremely happy to see her. I have to say, I'm cocking an eyebrow at the Jason/Amy vibe. This is really very warm. How weird. No one mentions the tremendous ugliness of the braids she acquired on vacation. Bad, bad braids.

The HoH competition this week involves climbing into a big tub and staying there as long as possible. The twist is that increasingly disgusting things are going to be poured into the tub. They start with forty squid. Roddy jumps out immediately. What a freaking idiot. His feelings of invulnerability are really quite uncalled-for. Furthermore, he should have waited for something grosser, because that was ridiculously obvious. If he wanted to throw HoH, he could have thrown it in a far, far less transparent fashion. They're not telling us who wins, obviously, since we're live, so you'll just have to wait to find out who the HoH is.

Friday. Previously, Amy had really ugly braids.

Welcome to Big Brother 3: Misty Watercolor Memories, brought to you by the NFL, and more specifically by the fact that there is no Big Brother Saturday night because of football, and there's no way they can prep three hour-long episodes in three days, so the thing to do is to just have a clip show, don't you think? Let's have a clip show, shall we?

We pick up the HoH bathtub competition with all the eligible players in the tub except Roddy, who bolted about two seconds after the whole thing started. Jason says he was a little nervous going into HoH, particularly because you never know what a guy like Gerry might do if he won. Back in the tub, the next thing Kiki pours in (and man, how symbolic is her spreading of filth?) is seaweed and pond scum. She goes out of her way to pour it directly on clean freak Marcellas. Way to go, Peppermint Petty (tm Sars). I have a feeling that right now, Marcellas would give up his ducks and his white bathrobe for an extra-large bucket of chlorine. The main activity in the tub, though, is pumping Amy for information about what's going on in the world. Amy isn't able to offer a whole lot, though she does tell them that Julia Roberts got married. She also tells a neat story about being recognized by a little girl in Mexico, who declared that she loved Amy and sent her love to Marcellas. Danielle says that having Amy back brings the gossip level back up to a healthy blare.

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