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Let's look at some clips of gossip! Remember how everyone hates everyone? Bitch! White trash! Heart of a ho! Morons! Spineless bitch! Prison bitch! Regular bitch! Wacko! Ah, good times.

Remember that fight Danielle and Lori had about Gerry washing his hands? Remember how, even then, it was too long? Yeah, me too. I didn't particularly want to see it again. The only good thing about this is that it gives me the opportunity to once again appreciate what is possibly the highlight of reality-show editing of all time, the Gerry Handles The Salad sequence. Absolute genius, I'm telling you.

Back in the tub, the houseguests exchange some more gossip, and interestingly enough, just as the houseguests want to know what's going on in the world, Miss Amy wants to know what's going on in the house. And this is approximately where this becomes a clip show pretty much in the exact tradition of Full House, Three's Company, and every other show that's ever done one. You have the perfect setup, where people sit around in a big group and say, "Remember that time when..." It's really quite brilliant. First up, Danielle recounts the food competition in which Marcellas ate the chicken livers. I'm glad they showed this, actually, because bad weather kept me from seeing Jason eat the Twinkies the first time, and I must admit it is quite impressive. And weirdly hot. And I understand why Shack went straight, and then blind, and then died. Hee. The other thing that's interesting is looking back at things like how openly Lisa liked and enjoyed Chiara then, which sort of reminds you how bad she must have felt when she found out about the betrayal and the backstabbing and the lying and everything. As boring as clip shows are, sometimes context is an interesting reminder.

Remember the peanut butter bikinis? Remember how you wanted to wash your eyeballs with hydrogen peroxide? Remember how you had a weird urge to wash everything with hydrogen peroxide? My favorite part is when Jason says he wished they had been wearing more than peanut butter, and then he says, "Mm, certainly." They do add a nice moment here we missed before, which is Danielle pitying the mothers and children of anyone who would wear peanut butter on television.

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