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Back in the tub, Jason threatens to pee. This causes squirming among the other houseguests. Chiara can't understand why. There's a shock and a half.

Remember Eric and Lisa, and how they liked each other? Chicka-wocka-chicka-wocka...ah, yes, it's all coming back to you now. They had a date, you know. And he said "Hi." And then they declared their adoration for each other, and then she voted not to let him back into the house. I'm tearing up just thinking about it, aren't you?

The houseguests reflect on how Eric's departure has changed Lisa. It's freed her from being part of a couple, it's freed her from being part of a pair of couples, and it's cut her loose to be her own person. Also, of course, this all coincided with her finding out that Chiara screwed her, so there seem to be several factors at work. Most of them, though, agree with what I think is widespread audience sentiment that Eric's leaving has been good for Lisa, particularly as a player.

Amy talks about how much she loves Marcellas and how happy she is to be with him again. You know, as much as I love that footage of Amy and Marcellas dancing on the basketball court, I think they've used it about ten times now, and frankly, I've had enough. I get it, they like each other. It's adorable. Get another shot to use. But anyway, remember when they had that big horrible fight, and he yelled at her? I actually hate him even more watching it the second time, because I'm more annoyed with him generally than I was when they showed this the first time, so I've just got no patience with his whole screaming fit at her expense. He is way over the line with the self-righteous, as he so often is. They show, however, the clip they didn't show before of the time when they made up. It looks like it happens shortly after the fight ends, and Marcellas comes into the Big Bed Room to find Amy still sniffling. He tells her he doesn't want it to be unanimous (um, liar) and basically keeps arguing the same point he was arguing before, which someone should tell him doesn't really constitute an attempt at making up. She, however, cuts right to the chase by asking him to please sit next to her, and telling him that she never meant to hurt him or say anything behind his back, because she loves him. And I give Amy big points for that -- it's a big thing with friends. Sometimes, you don't figure out who was right, you just freaking drop it and remind yourself that you'd rather have the person than the point. She did a good job of it. The only sad thing is that, of course, I blame him for the fight, so I would have rather seen him apologize, but unfortunately, that's again the way it often works. The person who acts like a jerk in the first place is usually not the person who's able to apologize. It's a crappy rule, but it tends to hold stubbornly.

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