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Spare the Rod, Foil the Child

The HoH tubfest continues. The next dump into the tub is a bucket of electric eels.

Remember the power of veto? Remember how Gerry tried to save the world from sin and prejudice by vetoing Marcellas's nomination? Remember how he gave that weird-ass speech? Remember how he said he had sinned? Remember how big Tonya's cartoon boobs were? Remember how Gerry's soul was not for sale? Remember how the Goober alliance ostracized him, thinking this would seal his fate? Come to think of it, remember the Goober alliance?

Jason is not enjoying the eels.

Remember earlier this week, when they said that someone was returning to the house? Remember Operation Revolving Door? Oh, yeah, they didn't show it. Well, it turns out that Roddy and Chiara had this brilliant idea that the houseguests should all agree in advance that whoever got back in should be sent right back out. Of course, Danielle notes in a conversation with Marcellas that there is no freaking way Roddy and Chiara would boot Eric if he came back, so it's obviously a complete scam. Again with the rock-and-roll editing, as Chiara tells Lisa that Danielle agrees with the plan just in time for Danielle to tell Marcellas it's "evil," and then when Chiara tells Lisa that Marcellas agrees with it and then Marcellas tells Danielle it's "the biggest stinkiest pile of dung [he's] heard so far this trip." Ha!

Lisa can't deal with the eels, and she's out of the HoH tub. Somewhat weepily in the diary room, she says that she knew that if she was HoH, she'd have to put up Kiki and Roddy, and she doesn't relish exposing herself to that degree yet. Jason and Amy aren't particularly getting along with the eels, either.

Remember how everybody got followed around by cameras all the time? Remember all the grooming with a camera up your nose? Remember all the farting? The one thing I like in this segment is a moment when it looks like the houseguests ran through the house in erratic patterns trying to screw with production, which is kind of funny. They're led by Roddy, for whom I have a persistent weakness, so I like that especially well. There are also nice shots of Eric and Marcellas checking themselves out approvingly in the mirror. Heh.

Remember all the sex no one was having? Remember how Chiara humped everything? Most of all, remember when Kiki and Tonya took a shower together and wore shaving-cream bikinis? Actually, they do show a little new footage here, especially some of the stuff where the guys are totally getting off on the shaving cream shower, which...I mean, you knew they were, but it's nice that they admit it. Roddy talks about how "responsible" he thought it was for the girls to conserve water by showering together. Snerk.

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