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And now the Chiara Sex Segment. See, it turns out, as if you haven't figured this out yet, that she talks compulsively about her sex life, her various body parts, and her interest or lack thereof in the sex lives and body parts of others. She also enjoys waggling her what-have-you in the faces of anyone within a twenty-foot radius. The people in the house get that she's trying to be funny, but they obviously find it tiresome. It's not that they're offended, exactly -- it's that they're bored with her. In the Big Bed Room one night, she throws her legs in the air in a wide straddle, announcing that she's trying to see what she looks like in various sexual positions. "Keek, wait until I leave, okay?" Jason says good-naturedly, half-kidding and half-not. One afternoon during one of their many bouts of sunbathing, she starts to catalog her sexual history for the rest of the houseguests. Gosh, thanks. "I say a lot of stuff that I really don't mean, to be different," she explains in the diary room. "Like, 'Girls shouldn't talk like that,' so why don't I talk like that?" Jason points out that she intentionally tries to embarrass him, which I think he knows is affectionate in its own way, but from which I'm sure he could live with the occasional respite. "Stereotypes were made to be broken," she says, "and double-standards were made to be proven wrong." She goes on to say that she's "sure there are many girls who can relate to [her]," and "many girls who are appalled by [her]." Yeah, put me under that second one. Especially now.

Look, Chiara. You are not advancing feminism by throwing your legs in the air, compulsively discussing your sex life, wearing peanut butter on your genitalia, or especially by boring a house full of people with your ironically sexless antics. It has been said over and over again, but perhaps it will always bear repeating: Feminism is not choosing to be one kind of woman, and it is not choosing to be another kind of woman. It is the very act of choosing the kind of woman you want to be, and even more, it is the genuinely rebellious act of daring to be more than one kind at the same time. Allowing your decisions to be dictated by what you think other people expect you to do is as foolish if your reaction is hostile to those expectations as if it is obedient to them, because either way, you are ruled by a million voices in your head that are not your own. Either way, you are bound to lose track of everything that is genuine and natural about yourself. The issue presented by a stereotype is the very fact that it flattens you into a one-dimensional cartoon, not whether it chooses to make you Minnie Mouse or Jessica Rabbit, as it were. The way you act is the way you act, but if you want to stand toe-to-toe with women who really do defy stereotypes, you had better be prepared to take responsibility for those choices and not try to pawn them off on the many burdens society places upon you. In short? Behave like a graceless buffoon if you will, but don't delude yourself that it makes you a pioneer.

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