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Judgment Gay

Nominations. Allison feels vulnerable. Adam is worried about being the pawn, as is Matt. And James is worried about becoming a target as a result of the success of "Operation Condor." Just can't win for losing in this game, can you? Since we're down to ten people, only two couples are going to be safe this week. The first ones spared are Adam and Sheila. And the second safe couple is Chelsia and James. Sharon says that they nominated Ryan/Allison and Matt/Natalie as the two strongest couples. Joshuah makes a lengthy, meaningless speech and disbands the meeting.

Matt tells the DR that he's pissed to be nominated a second time in a row: "They should just stitch my name on that seat." Ryan blames Allison for his nomination in the DR. It's tempting to say that if he and Jen and Parker hadn't leaned on her so hard earlier in the game, she wouldn't have thrown a shoe like she did, but I'm sure if it hadn't been that, it would have been something else. Allison looks forward to winning PoV and rubbing it in Josh's face. Wait -- that apology wasn't sincere? I'm so disenchanted. Joshuah rants about Allison in the DR, and says that he can't wait to send her home. Hey, the sooner everyone goes home, the happier I'll be.

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