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Evening the Odds -- Again

Back to the five people who are actually still in the house. Kalia is sobbing hopelessly in the toilet stall, which I thought wasn't supposed to have a camera in it, and whines about how unfair it is that Adam isn't going to save her. It sucks, but it's not unfair. You had the same chance to win that PoV that everyone else did, Sunshine. Meanwhile, Jordan and Rachel are in the HoH bathroom talking as if they're wondering what Adam is going to do, as if there's any doubt that he's going to do fuck-all.

In the backyard that night, Kalia and Porsche are drinking wine while Kalia reminds Adam that they made a newbie alliance on Day 1. Which, not that Adam knows this, Kalia voted against the first chance she got, and which, if it had stuck together, would mean that someone other than Porsche would be sitting next to her right now, but whatever. Kalia seems convinced that she can win Adam over, and reminds him that fans love big moves. She even promises to put Porsche up against Rachel for the next nomination if he sends Jordan home, and says Porsche will do the same to her. "Make a big move, Adam," she pushes. "It's time." But that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen.

While contemplating the memory wall, Adam says he is indeed planning a big move. And of the four other people in the house, "two of them are going to be really happy, and two of them are going to be really upset." At the Veto meeting, Adam doesn't bother giving anyone a chance to speak, saying he's not going to use the PoV. "My actions today show that I'm a man of my word," he says. In his defense, he doesn't specify which of his words. Kalia castigates him from the DR for being a "classic, grade-A, cowardly floater." Like that's news.

Coming back, Julie tells us it's time for the vote. Porsche is the first to make her final plea, thanking the other four for keeping her in the house this long and complimenting them all individually. Kalia, on the other hand, has clearly decided to go down in a blaze of criticism. "Adam, please start playing like an all-star, stop playing like a fan." She thanks Jordan for being her friend and asks her to vote with her heart. "Rachel, you can't keep complaining about putting out people who play this game if you're going to keep doing it... I feel like I'm getting jacked for trusting the wrong person." Of course Kalia's correct that Rachel's a giant hypocrite, but she's forgotten that getting jacked for trusting the wrong person has a long and storied history in this game. Then she says something to Porsche about a "moon palace," and it's time for the vote. Jordan goes first and votes to evict Porsche, although it looked like she had trouble remembering. Adam votes to evict Kalia, so it'll be down to Rachel to break the tie, which I'm thinking is how they arranged it in advance, so that Rachel could make a big speech dumping Kalia. But instead, she gives Kalia props for being a competitor, and evicts her anyway. "If the black queen is leaving I might as well leave one behind," Kalia says, putting a chess piece on the table and hugging everyone on her way out. So that's Porsche, Rachel, Jordan, and freaking Adam in the final four.

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