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Evening the Odds -- Again

Julie starts Kalia's exit Chenterview by mentioning the "newbies to the end" thing from last week. Well, it was also mentioned in the first week, but I think I already covered that. Kalia is clearly emotional as she talks about trusting the wrong people and having wanted to beat the veterans. Which, maybe she shouldn't have been one of the first to go over to their side, then. And that's it for Kalia.

Time for America's Vote for the favorite houseguest, who will get 25 grand. At least Dick's not in there.

Apparently, at some point this week, the fortune-teller machine in the purple room started talking. Everyone freaked out because nothing else ever happens in this house, and they all gathered around to listen to the machine make a prediction about Shelly making it on the bestseller lists with a book about tanning. That's it for now, but the machine came to life again at 2:29 AM, telling them that Jeff will be seen wandering the streets of Chicago muttering, "Clown shoe." Obviously this is going to be one of those things where they're awoken at intervals all night for this kind of thing, like having a newborn Zingbot in your house. At 4:18 AM, they're rousted out of bed to hear a prediction about Brendon discovering a cure for athlete's foot. And then it's 5:37 AM, and they get to hear a prediction about Keith hosting a dating show and getting it canceled after trying to date all 29 female contestants. So clearly that show is not going to be on ABC.

Now it's time for the live HoH competition. Outgoing HoH Rachel's on the sidelines, but Adam, Porsche, and Jordan are standing behind podiums with crystal balls on them. Of course the game is a quiz about the fortune teller machine's predictions, so we might as well get started. They all get the first one right, even though Julie tries to trick them by saying "clown shoes." Jordan is the only one to get the second one wrong, guessing "false" about Brendon's athlete's foot cure. Only Porsche guesses "false" about whether Cassi was predicted to land a role with David Hasselhoff, so now Adam's in the lead. And then only Porsche gets the second one wrong, so Adam's still ahead. She also gets the next one wrong about the headline accompanying Dominic on a future cover of Seventeen magazine, putting her completely out of the running with two points and only one question left. They all get the last one right about Dick not legally changing his name to "Old St. Dick," so Adam is HoH, killing it with a perfect score. In other news, up is down and down is up.

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