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Triple Threat

And then, as if in intentional contrast, there's a whole montage of Ashley being stupid. Across town from Ian's, Ashley's folks watch the couple's awkward slop date, and her mom claims Ashley isn't the ditz everyone thinks she is. Which tells me Ashley's mom might be a ditz. She approves of Ian and wants Ashley to make a secret alliance with him, like that would be remotely secret. And it turns out that Ian's mom is the one who compared them to Leonard and Penny in the first place. Fine, Julie can stay another week.

It's time for the vote, because why bother with an HoH interview when Danielle's clearly a puppet? Instead, Julie goes right to the living room viewscreen and lets Frank give his nominee speech. He delivers it high-school debate style, saying he's been keeping it classy and advising them all to do the same. "You sound like Ron Burgundy," Julie tells him in a rare moment of spontaneity when he sits down. Okay, she's back in the black again. Janelle offers to help anyone who votes to keep her and says no hard feelings if they don't. Time to vote. As usual, the least suspense-generating vote is first, in this case Mike, who of course votes for Janelle to leave. Jenn also votes to evict Janelle, big shock. Joe's maintaining his loyalty to Janelle and his habit of wearing his chef's jacket on eviction night. Wil votes to evict his former coach Janelle, I guess because he's either on board with the rest of the house or because he's just that offended by her lack of admiration for him. And after that turnaround, going to ads with the votes at 3-1 is not exactly a cliffhanger.

We come back to Ashley's vote to evict Janelle, making its all but a foregone conclusion. And for that matter, it's not looking good for Joe next week either. Unless of course Joe wins Head of HA HA HA HA. Britney sadly says she's voting to evict her favorite person in Big Brother history. That's the necessary five, but as always, everyone else has to vote. Shane votes for Janelle, clean-shaven for once and wearing a suit jacket and his hair like it's third-grade picture day. Dan gets his Eddie Haskell on as usual with Julie, calling her Mrs. Chen and saying she looks ravishing, only to be told that Mrs. Chen is Julie's mother. Dan says he has to evict Janelle, and Ian adds his vote to the blindside landslide.

Once he's back in the living room with everyone else, Julie gets on the viewscreen and tells Janelle she was evicted on an eight-to-one vote. Quiet hugs all around, with no fireworks like some of Janelle's previous exits. She walks out of the house to a cheering studio like a conquering hero in an electric blue dress. "Here we are again," Julie greets her as the remaining eleven houseguests mill around inside quietly.

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