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Dan and Michelle's Reunion

In the studio, Julie gets on the viewscreen to the final four, assembled in the living room. She plays them a clip from the luxury competition before confirming for them that the guy in the gorilla suit was actually Jessie. Keesha admits that she wouldn't have been so excited about the gorilla at the time. Well, I certainly wasn't. Julie then asks Memphis what a "fruitless exit" is. Memphis admits it was a lame guess, because it's not like he can come out and define it as "What Keesha's going to be doing in about five minutes." Julie asks Dan how his trip was, and Dan talks about it in vague terms without mentioning that anyone else was there. Julie doesn't call him out or bringing Michelle along, probably because someone told her not to. We are live, after all. The next question is to Jerry, asking how he feels about making it this far. How is that a question? Jerry "jokes" that he's made an offer to buy the house. Fortunately we get a commercial break here to wipe the tears of laughter from our eyes.

When we come back, Julie tells Memphis to announce his decision regarding the PoV. Memphis de-nominates himself, and Julie sends Keesha to sit in the nominee seat next to Jerry. Jerry goes first with his nominee speech, which refers to, and I quote, "the thrill of agony and all of the defeat and things like that." When it's Keesha's turn to speak, she declines to say anything at all to Memphis and instead thanks Dan gushingly for being there for her during her final days in the house. As she sits back down, she shoots Memphis a nasty glance. Clearly he will not be getting a free plate of wings if he ever comes to see her at work. Julie tells Memphis to stand and cast his vote, and Memphis boots Keesha. As she gets up to leave, Dan gives her two things: a crumpled packet of paper with something inside, and a lengthy message whispered in her ear that he has to repeat twice. "Finish it," he says to her aloud as she walks out.

Back in the house, Dan is railing at Memphis, for Jerry's benefit: "You're out of your mind if you think I'm taking you. Out of your mind!" Memphis sighs uncomfortably and Jerry shows off his shitty poker face.

Surprisingly, once Keesha's settled in the studio, Julie abandons her first prepared question to Keesha and asks her what Dan whispered to her instead. As I suspected, Dan told her he took Michelle on the trip. Probably smart to make sure Keesha heard it from him instead of the jurors. And the item he handed her is one of those floaty bath toys that says "HOT" on the bottom if the water's too hot for your kid. Hmm, inscrutable. Even Keesha has no idea what it means. But maybe she and her toenails will figure it out later. Julie then asks Keesha how she's feeling about Memphis. She says she was shocked, and figured it out by how calm Jerry was. She's pretty bitter about Memphis booting her after all the times she covered his ass. Which, to be fair, she kind of did.

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