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Dan and Michelle's Reunion

Time for the goodbye messages. Memphis is sad and apologetic, Jerry wishes her a "good, long journey," and Dan throws Memphis under the bus in his farewell, blaming his fellow Renegade for going against Dan's wishes. Dan is never not playing this game, is he? He's still going to be playing BB10 game when he's Jerry's age. Keesha says she appreciates the messages, and that Memphis is "playing the game." Boy, does Dan have her snowed. Well, at least she'll be seeing Renny again soon.

So now it's time for part one of the three-part final HoH competition, with all three remaining players eligible to compete. They're in the backyard, standing on top of little biplanes, wearing helmets and hanging onto a pair of ropes each. After confirming that they're all ready, Julie starts the competition. And as the wind rises, so do the airplanes, with the houseguests balancing carefully on top of them. Julie explains that the winner of this round will advance to round three, while the other two will compete in round two, and the winners of the first two rounds will face each other in the final round.

After one last commercial break, we "check on" them, to find all three still standing. Julie gives us the schedule: final HoH results on Thursday, filler/clip show on Sunday (although she doesn't use those exact words), and live finale on Tuesday. Got all that? After vainly plugging Big Brother After Dark on Showtime, Julie warns the houseguests of upcoming turbulence and wishes them goodnight. You can almost see the producers trying to stretch out the end credits until Jerry falls off.

Find out what shows you can fill your time with when Big Brother ends in our Fall TV preview.

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