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Moving on to the pre-vote business, Julie gives Keith a chance to plead his case to the house. He tells Porsche she rocks, and tells the rest of them, "Have fun, don't take things personally, and remember it's only a game." Porsche stands up and thanks everyone and says she hopes she gets to stay. Well, that was dull. Julie says it's time for the vote. Of course the nominees don't get to vote, and Rachel will only vote if there's a tie. As always, the most certain vote is sent to the DR first, and Dominic votes to evict Porsche. Brendan votes to evict Keith, as does Jordan. Cassi votes to evict Porsche, so we're going to commercial with a 2-2 tie, for maximum suspense and commercial-watching encouragement.

When we get back, Lawon is the next to vote, and he and his two-tone blazer unsurprisingly votes to evict Porsche, whereas Jeff votes to evict Keith. They could have put off the ad break for another two votes. Daniele is called in next, and before voting, she insists on saying that she does love her father and has been worrying about him every day since he left. And then she "unfortunately" votes to evict Keith. The first swing vote comes in, and Adam votes to evict Porsche. Some people in the studio audience groan. Kalia, who Keith called a traitor, votes to evict him. And so does Shelly. The audience groans get louder, and Julie goes right to the viewscreen to give them the tally, first reminding them that the evictee will have to leave right away. And she announces that Keith has been evicted in a 6-4 vote, meaning Porsche has the Golden Key. Keith recovers quickly, giving mic-rubbing hugs all around before heading out, saying he'll see everyone at the finale.

So while he and Julie get set up in the studio, it's pretty quiet in the house. Except that Shelly remarks to some of the newbies, "Somebody's gonna get an ass-whupping at the end of this, I bet." Out in the studio, Julie mentions to Keith that he was pretty cocky about having the votes. Keith owns up to that, and admits that he's shocked at the outcome. He admits that he might have played things differently, and Julie says he's one of the first players ever to throw a Veto competition while nominated. Of course, the Golden Key had something to do with that, and Keith says he thought he had enough people behind him. Which he did, but some of them were pushing him. He now admits that he got played. Julie reminds him that she warned everyone at the beginning to be careful about picking their partners, and asks how it went so horribly wrong. Keith says that Porsche went right to the other side as soon as the veterans came in. Julie brings up his plan (remember the diagram?) which obviously didn't work, and asks how hard it is to play the game. Keith says his strategy went out the window as soon as the twists came in. Which is why you don't diagram a whole strategy before you even go into the house, idiot. He says that he's an emotional guy and didn't want to fall for Porsche, because, as Keith puts it, "She hot." Julie agrees with that, and plays the farewell messages.

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