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Cassi tells Keith she's sorry he's gone. "You came in here to play The Dating dug your own grave." Lawon agrees, "You acted a fool," and again calls him a time bomb. "That's why you're sitting out there. BOOM goes the dynamite!" Rachel gloats that she and the other veterans used the newbies against him. Porsche says Keith deserves it. "You tried to play me, you tried to work me. And one last thing to say." She points at her t-shirt, which says, "You can look but you can't touch." Keith, to his credit, laughs all through this. Well, now he can go back to his church and resume preaching form the gospel according to Shallow Hal.

The HoH competition looks like a mini-golf game with a single putting green. Outgoing HoH Rachel doesn't get to play, and neither do Golden Key holders Daniele and Porsche. All it requires is for each player to hit the ball down the putting green, as close as they can to the numbered slot labeled 1 without going into the water hazard. Dominic, who goes first, gets a six, which puts him in first place for now. Adam's 8 is not enough to unseat Dominic, so Adam's out. Cassi goes next, and her ball goes in the water, so she's out too. Shelly also overshoots, but not by quite as much. Lawon takes a hard swing and gets his ball straight in the water. Kalia's ball lands next to Dominic's in the 6 slot, so they get to share the winner's circle for now. But then Jordan gets a 3, and since Rachel picked the order so all the newbies would go first, we're going to have another veteran for HoH this week no matter what. The camera doesn't even follow Jeff's ball, but he's out. Brendon shoots his ball right into the bunker, I think on purpose, and since he was the last to go, it's Jordan's week to be HoH, and she and Jeff are safe for the week. Hugs all around, of course.

And then there's an ad for Harry Potter, so we can all take a moment to reflect on Jeff's homophobic tirade about Dumbledore this week. I only mention it because it'll probably never actually get aired on the show.

Everyone's back in the living room so Julie can ask Jordan how it feels to win HoH for the first time. Jordan says it feels good. "Thanks to Jeff and them for lettin' me win." Jordan says it's like the last time they were on and Jeff let her have it, which is an awfully gracious way of letting Julie know she was WRONG WRONG WRONG. Julie asks Porsche how the Golden Key feels, and Porsche monotones that it feels really good and she's happy she gets to stay in the house longer. One almost believes her. Viewer questions: "Shelly, how hard is it to be away from your daughter?" Shelly's like, ain't no thing. Okay, obviously not, but what did they expect? The next question is for Adam: "Who's your favorite 90210 character?" Adam chants, "Donna Martin graduates," metal-roaring it the last time around. Thanks, viewer, that was fascinating.

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