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Kent's Last Stand

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Kent's Last Stand

Next, Julie rolls tape of each of the votes. Bunky sobs, natch. Nicole sobs, also natch. Monica says some stuff that makes no sense, natch, part the third. Krusta talks shit, again, natch. Kent looks a little sad.

More talking. Kent complains about all the "freaks" in the house, mentioning that one of them "[drinks] Nyquil to get a buzz." The Live Feeders cheer! They know he means Krusta! The Banner People cheer more when Kent thanks everyone who sent the pro-Kent banners. Julie's looking over at the cameramen, thinking, "Shit! We're not supposed to talk about the banners!" Kent loved the banners. Dude, we all love the banners. Too bad we never get to see them on television. Finally, Kent says that he'd love to see Bunky win the game, and then Julie brings in his wife and daughters. Cue hugs and kisses.

Time for the HoH competition. This week, it's an inane game in which each houseguest has to slide a large key as far along a table as they can, without sliding it off the table. It's basically like shuffleboard on a ping-pong table, and it's as boring as it sounds. Slide, slide, slide. At last, Nicole achieves her goal of becoming HoH. And so the plot thickens. Who will lose his or her sanity next week? Who will double-cross their best friend? Who won't?

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