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Kent's Last Stand

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Kent's Last Stand

Later, in the living room, Kent tells Nicole and Monica that he doesn't care if they snub him, but that there's no need to tar Bunky with the same brush. Basically, he just asks them to be nice to Bunky. And Monica totally goes insane. Screaming, yelling, stamping her foot, waving her finger in his face. I have no idea what she's even saying, not that that's unusual when Monica is concerned. Everyone watches Monica scream and hit pillows and start to cry that she's never done anything to either Kent, or Bunky, and...then it drifts into total nonsense once again. She threatens to bust "their fucking asses if they fuck with her again." Everyone discretely looks away from the crazy lady.

Man, this episode is action-packed! In the Monday meeting, Kent totally blows the lid off Hardly's cover. First, he rather calmly tells the assembled that TOP needs to stand together, that he can't believe Hardly is now Will's best friend, and that Hardly is the biggest threat in the game, and the one TOP needs to remove. He tells everyone that they've got the votes to get Hardly out of the house the following week, provided they vote Will out instead of Kent. Hardly's looking like a cornered animal, and yelps that Kent has no idea what he's talking about. Then it gets really ugly. Hardly starts yelling. Kent yells back. Insults are exchanged. "You're a liar, you're a liar, you're a liar!" Kent shouts at Hardly. Hardly responds that Kent is a liar, too! "I'll tell you what," Kent shouts, "why don't you tell everyone who's going to be standing beside you? Who's #2, [Hardly]? Who's number two?" Hardly self-righteously asks the rest of the houseguests to raise their hands if he promised any of them the second place. No one does, because each of them is confined by his or her vow of secrecy, but everyone sort of eyes each other. Hardly repeats his rigmarole that he's all playing for other people, so people like Kent don't win. "Oh, please -- you expect people to believe that?" Kent says. Go Kent! Everyone in the living room is looking straight ahead. Hardly sarcastically calls Kent "classy," and then tells the rest of the crowd to believe what they want to believe, and throws some more of his usual pseudo-trustworthy crap on the table. I hope it's not wishful thinking on my part when I notice that some people are looking at Hardly a little more doubtfully than usual. Also, I think Hardly looks guilty. Also, he's wearing way too much eyeliner.

Thursday. I hate to break it to you, but this episode is just full of filler, especially compared to Tuesday's scream-athon. Because Julie looked super-cute last week, she looks awful this week, in a long brown jacket and matching shiny brown capris. She looks like she forgot to take off her raincoat. Julie, Julie, Julie. One step forward, two steps back, man. Anyway, she tells us that there are new alliances in this house every ding dang day. "The finest line in the house is between who's got your back, and who's stabbing you in the back," she says. I'm going to embroider that on a little pillow and put it on my bed.

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