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Jessie sends Angie up to Keesha to tell her to veto Jessie and nominate Libra. Angie follows orders, saying she'd rather be up against Libra than have to spend another week in the house with her. Keesha is not unaffected by Angie's appeal, as small as that appeal is.

Keesha and April confer about the Libra situation, and how she's making herself -- and them, her alliance -- a target. Ollie joins them, and agrees with them that something must be done. But Keesha's still torn, having given Libra her word on day 4.

Jessie has another one-on-one with Keesha, in which he gives her the hard sell about how much Libra is screwing both of them, and how hard all this is on Jessie. "I've lost six pounds in two days," he complains, which I think is where he overshot the territory of "I'm telling you this for your own good" and landed in "I'm a giant whiner." Keesha hears where Jessie's coming from, but she still feels bound by her word to Libra.

And now the announcer comes in with an announcement: America's Player is coming back. No, not Eric. Instead, we get to text our votes for one of the current houseguests to have to be our bitch for a week. Well, this should be... confusing. Another wrinkle is that America's Player has the option of turning down the offer, which comes with a separate $20,000 purse. Okay, if I'm going to be expected to kick in for any of that, I'm going to be pissed.

After the ads, Jessie is getting more and more upset about the position he's in, and he's starting to get pissed off. It's to the point where he stomps into the HoH room and yells at Keesha in front of April and Renny and Dan about how hard this is on him, and Keesha's doing it "for [her] own reasons." So now that Jessie has angrily flipped shit all over Keesha about this, Keesha for support goes to... Libra. Smooth move, Jessie. While Keesha is telling Libra about this in the women's bedroom, the group also accrues Jerry, Renny, and April. Keesha decides to make an announcement to the whole house that she's not turning on Libra, so quit bugging her already. So she goes all through the house like a Jehovah's Witness, giving a context-free bulletin to everyone she sees that Libra's not going up. "I don't have a problem with you," Jessie says to Libra when it's his turn to get the news. "Everybody else apparently does." Libra elects not to engage.

Here's something we haven't seen for a while: a plane pulling a banner is flying off in the distance, too far away to read (at least if you don't have HD, like I don't). Big Brother calls an immediate lockdown, and as the group of houseguests that includes Jessie, Memphis, Michelle, and Angie obediently hurry inside, they get the idea to act like they know what it said. While everyone else is up in HoH, these four decide to agree that the banner said, "Libra's a liar, [heart] Steven." Jessie and Michelle lead the whole group up to break the "news." Of course it sends shockwaves through the group. Memphis hangs back in HoH to say that the banner didn't say that at all; it actually said "Libra [and somebody else] liar [heart] [something]." Thanks for clearing that up. Libra wonders why everyone's after her, and Memphis and Ollie get philosophical about the game, with everyone ultimately out to get everyone else. Deep. As an example, Memphis says that he hasn't said anything personal about anyone else, and the only one who's said anything personal about Memphis is Jerry, calling him a womanizer. Jerry repeats the charge, and Memphis goes off. Jerry sits there calmly while Memphis curses and threatens him. Did it not bother him that much the first time? Although I admit that Memphis does have a point when he brings up Jerry's boob-grabbing on day one.

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