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Nominations. Keesha says that her mind is made up, and no one's going to change it. Yes, Keesha, we've met. Angie is talking like there's still a chance Keesha will replace Jessie with Libra and Angie will be safe. It's like Angie's playing the game as shown in the previouslies instead of the one happening now. Jessie says that Libra would be gone on Thursday, if only Keesha were "in the right mindset." Too bad Jessie can't control everyone's mindsets. This house would run so much more smoothly, don't you think?

Keesha calls the PoV meeting, and offers to let the nominees speak for themselves, even though she's already said nobody will change her mind. Angie goes first, sucking up to Keesha. Jessie says Keesha has a chance to "right a wrong," and says he'll respect her decision. Assuming it's the right one, one presumes. And judging from the expression on his face, he thinks she made the wrong one when she announces she is...not changing the nominations.

In the post-nomination DRs, Keesha says she kept her word to Libra, so there. Libra says it worked out well for her. Angie speculates that "somehow" she might get Jessie to blow up and do himself in. Way to set a challenge for yourself, there, Ang. And Jessie threatens that if they don't vote him out after this, it'll be "the biggest mistake ever." I actually kind of agree with him .

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