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Hey, it's almost time for something to actually happen. Julie reveals that in addition to the usual assorted family members who are standing by for the eviction, Eric is there in case Lisa gets the boot. Usually, I'd suspect that a guy in this situation would be sitting there rehearsing what to say, but I don't think Eric is worried about it. "Hi!" It's even shorter than "How you doin'?" Maybe he'll touch her belly button.

When we come back from commercials, it's actually time to start the damn competition already. Lisa and Jason are side by side, sitting in little booths. Danielle is behind them, really not caring what happens since she's going to the final two anyway, but undoubtedly rooting for Lisa on the theory that she has a better chance against Lisa than she does against Jason. Tonight's game is that the nine evictees have been asked to provide positive and negative words about each of the three who remain. For each evictee, Julie will read three adjectives, each of which applies to one of the current residents, and they will have to identify to whom one of the words was applied. Yeah, that's not a great explanation, I admit. But for example, the first question says that Lori called one of them "mysterious," one "funny," and one "polite." They have to guess who was "funny." Of course, the great mythology of this show dictates that Danielle is downright hilarious, so this one is fairly easy. The competition as a whole isn't terribly interesting, but it offers a few tidbits of interest. Kiki called Lisa "insecure." Roddy called Danielle "soulless." (Ow. Danielle makes a bemused face at that one.) Marcellas called the three of them "instinctive," "attractive," and "guarded," all of which you'll notice are sort of meaningless. They should have asked Marcellas to give adjectives to describe himself. He's really more of an expert on that. Of course, there wouldn't be any negative ones, but that's all right.

In the end, Lisa takes it by three points, eight questions to five. The interesting inquiry, of course, is whether Jason threw it, especially since he lost fairly decisively, particularly on early questions. The theory that Jason threw it would be, I think, that he's actually so "noble" or "devoted" or whatever that he literally wanted Danielle to win more than he wanted to win himself, and he feared that if he won and took Danielle to the finals, he'd beat her, and since he knew Lisa would take her, he thought Danielle had a better chance against Lisa, so he threw it. ["That's exactly my theory." -- Wing Chun] I can certainly believe that Jason might do that. But I don't think he did, for a couple of reasons. First, he did seem to try his hardest to win the second round, and he said rather convincingly in the diary room that the reason he was doing it was that he knew that otherwise, he was out of the game. He would have had to completely change his feelings about that between round two and round three, and I just don't think he did. I'm just not prepared to think that he thought so far in advance that he intentionally beat Danielle so that he could intentionally lose to Lisa out of fear that if Danielle won, she would take him to the finals and she would lose. And if his devotion to Danielle were that absurdly complete, I have to think he'd worry that despite the deal, Lisa might not come through and might ditch Danielle entirely. Furthermore, the answers on which he lost the game weren't completely ridiculous. You could believe Chiara might have called him "insecure," or that Amy might have called him "sweet" and Lisa "precious" instead of the other way around, or that Marcellas could have called Lisa "attractive" and him "instinctive" or "guarded," especially considering the anti-Jason mood Marcellas was in when he left the house. Finally, I think his upcoming Chenterview illustrates that Jason's abilities to read people and situations tend to clock in somewhere below average, so I'm not confident that he would be naturally good at this particular game. So could he have thrown it? Sure. But I also think he could have lost it fair and square, and I'm sort of leaning that way.

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