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At this point in the competition, Danielle looks fairly desperate to get out of the pool, whether it's an act or not. Lisa, on the other hand, looks like she's awash in the sheer tedium of the exercise. Man, I hear you, sister. Me, too. When the rain starts up again, a drenched Danielle puts the last few shreds of her soul on the auction block by asking Lisa if Lisa will give her word that she will evict Jason if she wins. Lisa gives her word, after securing a parallel promise to evict Jason from Danielle. Here's what's interesting about this deal. It's easy to see Danielle as a manipulative operator. It's easy to see Danielle as having stabbed Jason in the back to protect herself. What isn't so obvious, but what became obvious to me later, is that Danielle completely screwed herself by making this deal. All she did was set herself up for a situation in which she was going to look very bad, like she ultimately betrayed Jason even after all the times she said she wouldn't. And what did she get out of it? She got nothing out of it. Lisa was going to take her to the finals anyway. Lisa is no idiot. Lisa was never going to take Jason to the finals. Therefore, Danielle got nothing out of this except that anyone watching at home had yet another reason to believe that, in the end, she was a snake and a backstabber, ultimately not even loyal to Jason. Which is true. (Note that I don't personally think lack of "loyalty" is a big deal in a game in which everyone is out for themselves; I am merely noting the difference between what Danielle is yapping her flap about and what she's actually doing.)

Danielle lets go of the key. Dramatic music: "Brrrrrreeeep!" Time elapsed? Four hours and twenty-three minutes. Gosh, that's a long shower. Danielle weeps in the diary room that she feels like scum for having made this deal with Lisa. I think she ought to be weeping about spending that much time in that hat. Lisa says in the diary room that she feels great about having been victorious in the pool competition. Back in real time, as Lisa emerges from the water, we see her pull a wedgie out of her butt. Boy, you're not kidding. I suspect that competition was the wedgie-maker of all time. They should have called it The Seventh-Grade Bully Shoves You In A Locker Competition. At any rate, Lisa says she made a "strong deal" in the pool with Danielle. I think she may or may not understand that this point that Danielle isn't planning on keeping this deal, but I think she does understand that she backed Danielle into a corner where if she doesn't keep the deal, she's just going to make herself look horrible.

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