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While Lisa takes a shower, Danielle and Jason have a little chat. Danielle tells the tale of the deal she struck in the pool, but she assures Jason that she has no intention of keeping her word to Lisa. Danielle insists to Jason that she's being loyal to him and intends to "scumbag" Lisa. What she doesn't seem to want to admit is that she has already screwed Jason. Irrespective of what Danielle intends to do, what she did was extract a promise from Lisa that Lisa would evict Jason. That constitutes the screwing of Jason. It's not just that Danielle agreed to evict him; it's that Danielle quit after getting Lisa to agree to evict him. Jason seems to grasp these implications, even as Danielle seems not to. He admits in the diary room that it would not have been his preference for Danielle to make a deal like that. Yeah, no kidding. Danielle also makes some sort of comment to Jason that she "just gave away five hundred Gs." Again with the clear indications that Danielle has believed she was in it for the half million from the beginning. Furthermore, I don't understand what she's referring to about having handed over the money, but I often don't really follow everything Danielle says, so I suppose that's all right. I'll just pretend it was something coherent. "Number one priority in this house: to win the $500,000 for my family," Danielle says in the DR. Oh, you mean Danielle wants to win it for her family? Why didn't she mention that earlier? It would have been good to know. There's a shot of Danielle here that looks extremely scary, where she's got her eyes sort of half bugged out. I don't really understand this shot of her, nor do I really want to, but I have a feeling that whoever put this sequence together found that look as funny and creepy as I did, which is why it's there. She says in the DR that she doesn't think Lisa and Jason understand how much the money means to her. Yes, we understand, Danicholas Nickleby. You are poor and needy. Your children are wearing potato sacks. I GET IT. Looking scary, Danielle eats soup. Ah, yes, the frightening implications of a crazy lady eating soup, muttering about avarice. For a refreshing change of pace, shut up, Danielle.

Julie reminds us that because Lisa just won round one, she's guaranteed a position in round three, which we'll be seeing at the end of the show, just before the live eviction. She also points out that this leaves Jason and Danielle to compete in round two. I really don't get that sag in Julie's shirt. Does she need a place to store snacks? HA! I just implied that Julie Chen eats snacks. I am quite a card. Julie promises us that, later, we will be catching up with Chiara, Josh, Gerry, and Marcellas. Oh, goodie. That'll be a treat. I'll just start drinking now, if that's all right with all of you.

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