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Jason starts the competition, and says in the diary room that he wants to win round two. He has figured out, after all, that Danielle is pretty much going to the finals either way, thanks to the Red Hat Treaty. Therefore, his only interest is in ensuring that Danielle winds up in the final two with him, and not with Lisa. I have to say that the apparent sincerity with which he makes this point makes it hard for me to believe that Jason threw the eventual contest with Lisa, as it appeared he might have. If he were inclined to do that, I don't understand why he wouldn't have just thrown this part of it. At any rate, he arranges the pictures, he washes the towel, he makes the sandwich, and he arranges the pictures relating to power of veto. Strangely, he complains that scarfing the PB&J gave him a "burning sensation" in the back of his mouth. Maybe next time, he should try grape jelly instead of jalapeno. He actually completes the PoV task, and makes it partly into another task which involves pulling peoples picture's off the bottom of the pool and arranging them in the order in which they were HoH, but he screws it up and doesn't get anywhere near finished, so that's about the end of this annoying interlude. Wow, is that the last really idiotic, utterly pointless competition involving dorky tasks? I'm almost feeling nostalgic. Where have you gone, Magic Donut?

Julie says it's time to tell the houseguests, who are gathered in the living room, who is going to be going up against Lisa in the final competition. She first makes time to ridicule Jason for having let go of his key in the endurance competition in the pool so very, very early. Ha. Julie's gotten mean lately. Maybe she's rehearsing for that Early Show slot I keep hearing she's up for. She might be practicing on Jason so she'll know how to handle Donald Rumsfeld. Next, Julie gives Lisa and Danielle an opportunity to complain about how difficult it was to be stuck in the pool for four and a half hours, and they take her up on it. After all, why skip an opportunity to complain? Finally, Julie reveals what we already knew -- that Jason completed one more task than Danielle in the time allotted, so Jason and Lisa will go against each other in the final HoH contest. Julie asks both Jason and Lisa whether they've decided whom they will take to the finals if they win the final round. They both say that they have made the call. How very dramatic. Somebody needs to tell Jason to button one more button on his shirt. Or buy him some medallions.

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