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It's time for a special segment on Memphis. We see him talking to Dan about his relationship with his girlfriend Ashley back home in Hollywood. We also rehash Jerry's accusation that he's a womanizer, which Memphis's best friend claims isn't true. We also meet Memphis's girlfriend Ashley, but since she doesn't say anything funny, surprising, or interesting, I'm glossing over that.

Back in the studio, Julie gets on the viewscreen with the houseguests and congratulates Jerry on "making a splash" during his second HoH reign. Of course that segues into her playing them the clip of Jerry falling into the pool, which cracks everyone up, including Jerry. This is the first time Renny and Keesha have gotten to see it, of course, although I'm sure they heard about it. "That was a senior moment," he admits. Julie then asks Dan why he teases Renny so much. Dan basically says it's out of love, since that's how he treats his mom back home. Renny claims that it's all in fun, and says Dan sometimes even ends up in her bed. "That's too much information," Julie cracks, but Renny's clear that they just talk when that happens. Still too much information.

Now it's time for Jerry's private HoH Chenterview. Julie starts by asking him why he tried to make a deal with Memphis after their rocky history together. "I was running out of bodies," Jerry says. Hard to argue with that. Julie's next question is who he wants to be in the final two with. Jerry says Keesha, since there's not going to be any way to split up Dan and Memphis. Although he's not nearly that coherent.

Time to visit the jury house. Two weeks ago, Libra lounges by the pool and says she doesn't want anyone else to win. "I should have won, dammit." She's being light about it, but I'm pretty sure she's kidding on the square. She's pretty happy to see April, but not for the reasons a person is normally happy to see another person.

A week later, Libra thinks Michelle will be the next to arrive, but April's really hoping to see Keesha, so she can make her sleep outside. Classy. And then Michelle comes in the front door, braying that she got backdoored three times in as many seconds. She's brought a DVD of the high points in the house after April left, and she and Michelle sit and make catty remarks about the size of Keesha's ass while they watch her fall from that jungle swing, and then she actually says with a straight face that she feels sorry for the people who have to live with themselves outside of the game. Nice to see the jury house hasn't made her any less horrible. April gets verklempt watching the part where Ollie and Dan are suffering through the last minutes of the HoH competition. Michelle tells them about the deal Ollie made, and then the DVD cuts to the PoV ceremony where Dan put up Michelle as the replacement nominee, complete with his stone-cold speech. "Father Dan!" Libra says, shocked. And then of course the next arrival is Ollie. April has mixed emotions upon seeing him, but as for Ollie's question about whether April will be his first girlfriend, she excitedly says "Yes!" Aw, poor Ollie.

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