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And Julie says there's "something unexpected" waiting for them inside the house. That wouldn't be the sumo wrestler perched on the coffee table that we can see on the viewscreen, would it? Because I was totally expecting that.

Back from the ads, Julie tells us that the sumo wrestler holds the key to a special luxury challenge. Where? It's not like that outfit has pockets. The "eavesdropping on the houseguests" outro at least has the potential to be interesting when they re-enter the house find a large man sitting in their living room, but Dan kind of wrecks it when he mildly asks, "Think we can get him to blink?" After a moment of being stared at by the nonplussed houseguests, the blank-faced visitor speaks in slow, subtitled, clearly phonetically-memorized Japanese: "I am sitting on the information you need." Nobody seems to know what to make of that, and that's how we leave them. Sayonara, suckers.

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