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Time to talk veto. The concept of the veto is explained by Gerry in the diary room, in case you just got here. In which case, I can only say you should run, run, run, before it's too late. Gerry and Marcellas chat about the veto, and Marcellas says that if Gerry wins the veto, he'd ask him to keep the nominations the same, but vows that, of course, even if Tonya or Josh were vetoed out, Marcellas would nominate another Goober. "Oh, I know you're not going to turn on us," Gerry says confidently. Marcellas, in the diary room: "I'm becoming diabolical."

In the living room, Josh and Eric discuss the veto. Josh is speculating that unless Roddy or Eric gets it, it's not getting used this week. Eric, with the lizards crawling all over him, suggests that Josh not get too wound up about it until he sees what actually happens. He also delicately dodges the question of whether he would actually veto Josh out. In the diary room, Roddy explains that predicting the Goober behavior is difficult, because they all like each other -- although he also says "half the alliance likes Josh, half the alliance likes Tonya." I'm ashamed to say this, because it's very, very stupid, but I'm all over Roddy in this sequence, because he's curled up on the diary-room chair in a pastel green polo shirt, jeans, and bare feet. See, I have this thing about jeans and bare feet. I think it makes me imagine him walking around my house on a Sunday, reading the paper and maybe fixing my sink.

Roddy takes his feet out to the patio to talk to Josh, who is miserably slumped in his chair. Josh tells him that he thinks there are only three people who might veto him out if they get the power. "You, definitely, I presume," to which Roddy does not respond. Josh adds, "I think Jason would...I'm not positive on Eric." Jason? Why would Jason veto Josh? How does that benefit Jason? Furthermore, they're both smoking cigars, which...ew. "We'll see what we can do, man," Roddy says. "It's not over, don't worry." You'll notice a conspicuous absence of "If I get it, I'll veto you" as part of that response. Next, Roddy chats with Chiara in the Big Bed Room, telling her that he doesn't want to win the veto. Neither does she. She tells Roddy that saving Josh would only hurt Roddy, which I think is probably right. I don't think anybody in the house would hold not vetoing Josh against Roddy, with the possible exception of Eric. And he hangs out with lizards, so who cares?

Josh talks in the diary room about how nervous he is, but how effectively he's hiding it from everyone. A witty edit (hmm...) brings us to Eric, saying that Josh is nervous, walking around talking to everyone, trying to feel out what everyone is going to do. Jason mentions that Josh seems to be everywhere these days, weaseling his way into every conversation in the house. Now we see Josh talking to Jason and Roddy about the pain of being Jewish. No, really. That's his new angle. "Even Marcellas and Danielle don't face what I face," he says. Well, way to be a credit to your faith, there, buddy. Compounding the distastefulness of this part of the story, Josh comes to the HoH room and tells Danielle and Marcellas how much he feels their pain. Because, you know, they're all minorities together. Which...I mean, I have no idea what it has to do with anything, but he's certainly laying it on thick. In a roundabout way, he attributes all of his disruptive behavior to the fact that he's Jewish. I'm sorry, but he does. (Jewish viewing population: "Oh, THANKS.") "I do really think that I did quality work in that room," Josh diary-rooms. "Even though I want to believe Josh, I don't believe Josh," Marcellas says sadly. "I do believe that personal communication skills are one of my fortes," Josh tells us. No, he really says this. A guy who managed to make more people hate him in the first week than anybody on this show, ever, thinks that he's good with people. "I am going down fighting," he says. Please, please, please vote him out this week. Oh, please. If you don't, I will collapse into such a weeping heap.

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