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Peanut Butter...Shudder

Boring sequence in which the people eating peanut butter and jelly explain that it's really not that much fun. Yawn. ["I would add, much as I did last year, that people who complain about PB&J have no imagination." -- Wing Chun]

Amy pours herself a glass of wine in the kitchen, and Tonya stares at her judgmentally. "You better go to Alcoholics Anonymous when you get out of here," Tonya snots. This, of course, is an idiotic maneuver to begin with, since Amy should be easily recognizable as a swing vote. However, unsatisfied with the stupidity of this initial move, Tonya now follows Amy out of the house into the yard, certain that Amy has gone out there to say nasty things about her. She tries to get in Amy's face, all "If you have something to say to me, say it to my face" and "Don't mess with me" and a lot of other very, very unconvincing trash-talk that just makes her sound like the bitchiest salesgirl the Mervyn's lingerie department has ever had. When Tonya retreats into the house, Marcellas follows her to demonstrate how a real diva goes for broke. "You are on the block. You might try being on your best behavior," he snaps, pointing at her. Tonya goes back to her argument that Amy was talking about her (which it appeared she wasn't, and which the live-feed watchers said she wasn't), and Marcellas tells Tonya that she might have considered asking whether Amy was saying anything about it or wasn't, because it as it turns out? SHE WASN'T. Moron. Tonya actually stands up, as if she isn't going to get blown out of the water in any smackdown of any sort with Marcellas. She blahs that Amy "got into it with [her]," and Marcellas says, "At least that's better than how you played it." Marcellas tells Tonya that she treated Amy "like shit." "I can treat her however I want to," Tonya says Puck-ishly. "She can talk to me, I can talk right back to her." If Amy had actually talked to her, Tonya would have a better argument. I think Tonya basically wants to sit with the cool kids, and God knows there's nothing that idiots who want to sit with the cool kids like better than trashing whoever the cool kids are trashing, so since Chiara trashes Amy, Tonya manufactured this ridiculous trumped-up trash-talking charge in order to give herself a reason for existing. Marcellas literally curls up with coiled anger, then walks away from her.

Smart move, there, blondie. Josh is thrilled at this development, of course, and hopes that Danielle and Jason will see a different side of Tonya and perhaps vote to boot her.

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