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In the HoH room, Danielle and Amy sit with Marcellas, and Danielle cuts right to the chase: who's he going to nominate? He tells them in no uncertain terms that he doesn't want to talk about it, doesn't want to be asked about it, doesn't want to hear anybody else's opinions about it, and is perfectly ready to hold a big monster of a grudge against anyone who pushes him on this point. He diary-rooms that the only agenda that's relevant is his own, and he doesn't really care much what anybody else thinks. Wow, haven't we gone all master-of-my-domain in a short time.

The Goobers react to Marcellas's nomination with a combination of fear and...well, additional fear. Chiara and Eric lament that it's very difficult to tell where Marcellas is coming from, which I think it's safe to say is Marcellas's entire point. "I want him out of the game," Eric says, "because he worries me." Way to catch on, Gregory Pecs. Lisa tells us through her enormous teeth that she is concerned that Marcellas will repay her for last week by turning around and nominating her. She substantially underestimates Marcellas, of course, because he's far too busy worrying about making a smart nomination to waste his energy exacting revenge on her. Furthermore, even if he were feeling vengeful, he knows where the true stench of evil lies. Speaking of which, Josh is rightfully jittery at the sight of Marcellas with that big key around his neck. He diary-rooms that when Marcellas won, his first thought was to pack his rank clothing, his shattered mirrors, and his love letters from the Dark Prince of the Underworld into his trusty Big Brother bag. In spite of this, he continues to antagonize Marcellas, saying that if Josh had it to do over again knowing what he knows now, he'd do the same thing he did on the first night all over again. "You made it easy for me to do what I did," Josh self-righteously complains. He's an even bigger doof than I thought if it's really true that he'd do it over again, because whether his actions were unkind or not, they put him on the block in a jif, so at least strategically, some rethinking might be in order. Of course, I'm not sure that one so incapable of thinking should be assumed capable of rethinking.

A cynical and frustrated Marcellas diary-rooms that he doesn't trust anyone in the house, because everyone has lied to him. We are pointedly taken directly to film of Danielle, who is "helpfully" warning Marcellas that Gerry is not to be trusted. Marcellas tells Danielle that he's well aware that Gerry is laying it on pretty thick, and that he's not falling for Gerry's entire line. Fortunately, I don't think he's falling for Danielle's entire line, either. Gerry, meanwhile, is completely out of the loop of deceit, and in the diary room, he says that Marcellas is a "friend for life." Wow, ouch. Somebody's got a rude awakening ahead of him, and it's somebody bald and self-righteous. Other than Marcellas.

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