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I realize that harping on Tonya's implants is a little facile at this point, but I cannot fail to mention that all through this interview, I was just shuddering at how freaking creepy they are. They literally are up against her clavicle. That is just...hideous.

Time for the HoH competition. It's a trivia game, and whoever wrote the questions did a terrible job, because it winds up as a seven-way tie for first place after eight questions. That's out of only nine people competing, and I think Josh threw it, not wanting to make himself part of any upcoming drama. The tiebreaker question is how much all the houseguests weighed before the brownie-eating competition. The answer is 1605 pounds. Roddy wins with a guess of 1580. Gerry went with 1100, Dani went with 1301 (the winner is the one who comes closest without going over, and Dani has watched The Price Is Right a few times, I'm guessing), Chiara guessed 1159, Lisa guessed 800, Jason guessed 1254, and Amy guessed 825. Excuse me, Lisa and Amy? 800? 825? For ten people? Amy has since claimed that she was guessing for one team of five people, but there was nothing ambiguous about the question, so I find that a little hard to believe. Those are some horrible guesses, ladies. Anyway, at the news that Roddy has won, Josh is the one who looks like he just won the Miss America pageant. Off the block, he's figuring. Me, too.

It's so strange, because for once, I haven't got the slightest clue what I think the HoH is going to do. I assume he won't nominate the Goobers, so that leaves Gerry, Amy, Marcellas, and Danielle. But I don't know -- he's a wily one.

The America's Choice question, for once, is slightly interesting -- who should win a date with the houseguest of their choice? Most adorably, Marcellas confesses to being "head over fuckin' heels in love with Roddy." There's a lot of that going around.

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