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And now, the Abiding Friendship of Amy and Marcellas, which I feel a little bad making fun of, because I actually think it's fairly sincere. We open with Jason, talking about how nice it's been to watch Marcellas and Amy becoming friends. The bottom line is that they make each other laugh, they both love to gossip, they're both catty and bitchy and unapologetic about it, and they have a great time together. They share a tendency toward acting a little snooty, and they both care deeply about their skin and nails and so forth. (They're also both sort of wearing on me, but that's not really one of the reasons they're friends.) A stylist and a beauty queen? Why wouldn't they be friends? And yet, how could they? Welcome to the world of how weird these things sometimes are. Furthermore, this has always been the least lame aspect of reality television -- it goes back to Heather and Julie on the first season of The Real World. People who would have been very unlikely to meet each other in any other context, or at least wouldn't have given each other the time of day, who weirdly grow to like each other in a way that's clearly pretty genuine. Nothing spawns unlikely friendships like reality television. It's the story of Kent and Bunky, too, to provide another example. So far, it's the one thing about this show that doesn't make me feel like I need a shower. So thank you, Amy and Marcellas! Yay, unlikely friendships! "I cannot imagine being in this house without her," Marcellas says. Sniffle.

Danielle plays cards with Jason in the bathroom while Josh picks at himself in front of the mirror. Josh tells Danielle how "shocking" he thinks it is that she's aligned herself with Gerry. She wants to know what makes Josh think she's done that. "Clearly, you are," he says dismissively. She tells him he isn't as smart as he thinks he is, but he persists. She tells him she's not getting into it with him, which he interprets as her "skirting the issue" because she's afraid to talk about it. What she's doing, I think, is maintaining that in general, she's not going to discuss her strategy with Josh. Next, she has a chat with him around the dining room table, in which he denies he's ever had any power over anything, and insists that he wasn't the one to throw Marcellas's name out on the first night. Cut to black-and-white shot of Josh throwing Marcellas's name out on the first night. How many freakin' times can they show that clip? "Concentrate on getting Marcellas out," blah dee blah. Stop showing it. We remember. It wasn't that long ago. Danielle listens to Josh's pathetic speech, and it's hard to tell whether she's taken in or not.

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