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And now, we get a little Friars'-Club-Roast-style salute to Roddy, who would completely be my boyfriend if he weren't cozied up with Chiara. He and Marcellas talk, and he tells Marcellas that he did participate in the plan to get Marcellas out, but that he did it because Marcellas was totally miserable the first couple of days. He figured that made the first vote easy. In the diary room, Marcellas notes that Roddy is hot, smart, and likeable, which are great qualities for a friend, but not such great qualities for an opponent in a show like this. So Marcellas is looking at the possibility of getting Roddy out, because he's a threat. This is yet another reason why this show bugs me. Call me crazy, but if you're hot, smart, and likeable, I want to root for you, and not root for the other people I like to eliminate you. I would like it if the most appealing people were the last ones left -- that's a satisfying conclusion. I mean, Marcellas is right -- I think Roddy is a major threat to win. It's just that this whole dynamic leads to a collection of very irritating people being left at the end, which has been my impression of most of the history of Survivor. I mean, Richard, Susan, Kelly, and Rudy? Ugh.

Danielle tells Marcellas about the conversation with Josh in which he argued his innocence to her, and she implies that getting rid of Gerry might be the better way to go. He stands firm, telling her that the simple numbers dictate that they've got to boot a Goober, because if one of the non-Goobers goes, they'll be down six-four, and at that point, even if one of them wins HoH and puts up two Goobers, the voters will be four-three in the alliance's favor. He's right, of course -- when it comes to getting rid of a fairly sizeable alliance, you absolutely cannot wait even one week longer than necessary. Interestingly, as he lists the Goobers who are options to leave, he omits Roddy. I have to wonder whether he's holding out hope that Roddy will jump the Goober ship.

Almost time for nominations. Everyone sits around, feeling tense. Marcellas goes through the nomination ritual, and America yawns. Finally, Marcellas goes and rounds everyone up and brings them into the dining room. "The moment is now," he announces. When they've all come to the table, he tells them that, for him, the game is about integrity, kindness, and honor. Oh, no, Marcellas, don't do that. You're nominating to win -- don't get noble on me, sweetheart. He just wants everyone to be "beautiful" in the way they play this inherently backstabbing game. Meh. Long story short, everybody lands a key from Marcellas except Josh and Tonya. Marcellas sums up the nominations by telling Josh that he can't stand him, and it's not a secret that he can't stand him, and so he wants him to get the hell out of the house. He tells Tonya that she's a "pawn," and that she's never been anything but kind to Marcellas, and he makes it perfectly clear that his goal is only the ousting of Josh, and that it's not personal toward her. He admits it's personal toward Josh. Heh. He also claims it has nothing to do with the alliance, which we know to be completely false. It's surprising how well he sells it -- Marcellas scares me a little bit. One other thing -- Josh sits there and waggles his head the entire time, because he's so angry and so indignant and feels so frustrated. I have seen that exact head-waggle before, although if you are not from the frozen tundra, it might not look familiar to you. It is exactly, and I am saying exactly, the waggle Jesse Ventura employs when he's angry and indignant and feels frustrated. I found that fascinating.

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