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Jerry basically calls Dan a sore winner (which is just glorious, in light of something we'll be seeing a bit later tonight), and asks if he has any respect for any of the jury members. Dan says he does, and apologizes for any of his little celebrations that might have offended Jerry. "I hope you respected me because I respected you, Dan," Jerry says pathetically. Dan simply says, "Thank you." Well, there's your answer, Colonel. Jerry's question to Memphis is whether he would have evicted Dan or Jerry had he won the final HoH. Dan says he wants to hear that answer too, and Memphis dodges the question by saying he wouldn't have known until it got to that point. In fact, he claims that he never planned ahead at all. Unsolicited, Dan adds that maybe Memphis threw the final HoH so he wouldn't have to decide. "Thanks, Dan," Memphis snarks. Seriously, Memphis, those aren't pinstripes on your back.

Finally, Memphis stands to address the jury, thanking them for a great summer and saying he made a business plan, building a strategy around being an asset to other players so they would keep him around. He continues to insist that he was straight with everyone, and if they think he's the best player, then vote for him. And if not, vote for Dan.

Dan's speech begins by talking about his first impressions of everyone, which was that he felt totally intimidated. He says that he did everything for a reason, including making enemies of Michelle and Ollie so that Memphis would feel safe taking him to the final two. "Unbelievable," Michelle mutters, and I have to agree with her there. He finishes with a final suck-up to the jury, and sits down to shake hands with Memphis.

With the monitor off, the jurors yammer some more, and then we're back in the studio as Julie calls them in one by one, in the order in which they were evicted. Renny threatens to slow down the process enough to preempt Without a Trace by shaking the hands of everyone within reach, but eventually Keesha and Jerry make it in there behind her. They take their seats onstage while Julie sends us to commercial over a very noisy crowd.

Back from the ads, the camera picks out Dan's family in the bleachers before Julie gets on the viewscreen and congratulates the final two on making it this far. Julie asks Dan for a one-word reaction to being grilled by the jury, and of course he gives a whole speech before landing on "intense." Memphis compares it to a firing squad, but says it was nice to have a chance to tell some people (Keesha) how he feels about them (her). Julie tells the jury members that now they'll come up to the big voting box on the stage, insert the key of the person they think should win, and make one final statement without saying who they chose. Which, I'm not sure all of them will be able to handle that, but here goes.

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