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Mike Thinks Mike Is Great

In the kitchen, Mike is telling Jen that he didn't want to have to campaign against Kail, and then, amused, says he assumes that Kail already asked for Jen's vote. Jen waves that off, saying that she didn't, since Kail just assumes Jen will vote to keep her. She adds that she's pissed off that Kail told Dick about her alliance, but not Jen, with whom she's been sleeping for nineteen nights. Mike -- not campaigning, mind you -- says that all he can do is show people who he is, and that he did that when he got Dick out of the Veto Competition, and then repeats, in case Jen wasn't sure what he meant, that he's loyal and true. He's a Labrador Retriever! You know, I feel like everyone on a reality show should get a little, like, Integrity Meter, and every time they have to announce how much they have, the meter ticks down a notch. Because really, if Mike's strategy was to let his actions speak for themselves, then maybe he should shut up and let them.

Outside, Nick repeats the new theory about Kail -- keep her because she's going to lose it -- to Jessica and Jameka, who seem receptive.

America's Player. Eric has to try to get Kail out of the house. He says that if the vote were happening now, it would be 9-0 against Mike: "But if America wants Kail out of the house, I will send her packing." And again, I'll give him this: he puts out a decent effort. I wonder if he was ever on the debate team in high school.

In the kitchen, Eric tells Amber and Dustin that he thinks they should re-evaluate the current voting plan. "I wanna get rid of Mike," babbles Amber. Eric says he's not sure that Kail has "expended" all her moves in the game. Dustin considers this. Amber's thoughtful expression is a lot like bitchface.

The next day, apparently, Eric has a captive audience in the HoH room -- Jameka, Dustin, and Dick. Talk turns to the nominees. Eric says that if Mike goes this week, Kail could hang around for a while, and shouldn't they send her home now? Dick says that they have to consider all sides, and then, as Eric quickly covers that he's not advancing one position or another -- he's just laying out all the points on both sides -- Dick politely gets up, walks into the bathroom, and lets out a succession of dry, squeaky, old-man farts. That apparently reek, judging by Jameka's expression, and the fact that Dick is moved (as it were) to spray the room with air freshener on his way back out. Anyway, Eric's more than happy to ditch either nominee, and to use whoever stays to their advantage. Amber enters and comments on the stank, and then Eric reminds his audience that Kail sold out her alliance, and is a more "active player than Mike will ever be": "Mike has nothing to offer." Daniele enters, and Dick catches her up. Eric adds that Kail was the original target, and could still come back as a threat. Amber asks who Kail could ally with, and Eric suggests Jen, Nick, and Zach. Really, Zach? 150%, he wants to vote her out -- go ask him! Dick agrees that Kail could pull them together. Eric sums it up: "Kail can harm us. I don't know how Mike can." Eric DRs that he's working hard for America, but doesn't know how successful he's going to be. Back in the HoH, Dustin makes a big show of declaring his attentions to vote Mike out, because he thinks Kail is putty in his hands. Amber says that you don't know where you are with Mike, and Dick -- surprise! -- returns to Kail's open campaigning against Dick when he was nominated: "And she could do that to any one of us at any time." Jameka nods sagely. I'm worried for Kail!

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