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Mike Thinks Mike Is Great


Now that his first alliance is in tatters, which former ally does Zach trust more? The one who isn't Kail, it would seem.

Jameka is torn between how hard Mike is to read and how strong Kail is as a player. But she votes to evict Mike, as we already saw her say she would, like, half an hour ago.

Jen's been friends with Kail since the start, but she got burned by the whole thing where Kail didn't tell her about her alliance. Jen sits, and actually seems not to have decided yet before eventually saying she wants to evict Mike.

Did Eric's anti-Kail argument sway Dustin? No -- he votes to evict Mike. And does so in a novelty moustache. I'll let it go because he's bored. And because HE DIDN'T GROW IT HIMSELF. NICK.

Eric. Julie's banter is to ask whom Eric would want to start a romance with if America told him to, and Eric says he's open to all comers (as it were). His "vote" is for Kail.

Amber's still bitter about her nomination by Kail, but is she more worried about Mike's tight-lipped gameplay? It would seem so, as she votes to evict him while playing with her pendant, which makes her look even dumber than her normally fairly dumb expression does.

Now it's Errol Flynn's turn to vote. He sold out his alliance and could get reprisal for it from Mike or Kail. Who's the bigger threat? He thinks Mike.

That's all it takes, but in case you were wondering: Daniele votes to evict "Michael," and Jessica votes to evict him as well.

When Julie tells Mike he's out, he gets up robotically, not looking at anyone, and goes straight for a (probably fake) plant in the doorway, pulling out flowers for the girls, some of whom "aaaaaaw." Eh. He starts shaking people's hands, and then the girls crowd in for hugs, and then Dick hands him his bag and he heads out, all cold and clipped, to the Chenderdome.

We briefly cut back inside the house, where Kail is giving Dustin a huge hug (and crying, natch), and then rolls off to Nick, who gives her one arm for like three seconds, staring straight ahead like fucking Terminator, and then Kail is whimpering and hugging Jameka. It's kind of a pitiful display, but the cameras are soon distracted from it by Dick accusing Jen of having voted to evict Kail. Jen denies it, but in the same blasé tone of voice she always uses, so it's not terribly convincing, even though it's the truth. This goes on for a while, with the camera focusing on Eric staring down at the floor trying not to get caught out. Hang tough, big guy! And fix your damn collar!

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