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Mind Your Own Multiple Businesses

Holy shit, that was only 20 minutes. Will we ever have time for all the Thursday filler? Like, for example, Julie talking to the houseguests. She asks Jameka about the Amber/Eric confrontation, because, naturally, we all want to hear from Jameka on this subject. Jameka says it was emotional, but that "everything's fine" now. Okay, how? Can we see that part? Jameka also says she regrets giving up the 5 HoH competitions, like, no kidding. Jen says she doesn't regret giving up $250,000 in potential prize money, because she's here for the experience. The experience of being berated by a leather-faced asswipe, apparently. Julie hurls a viewer question at Dustin about why he's always wearing that grey v-neck shirt. Everybody laughs their asses off and Dustin jokes that it is a symbol of his personal consistency. Also, that chest hair needs to breathe!

Filler segment: Dick is a name-dropper. But do the people whose names he drops really know him? Seriously, that's the segment. Turns out, Dick really does know Dizzy Reed the keyboardist for Guns 'N' Roses. No, not the good Guns 'N' Roses; the new one which consists of Fat Axl and the drifters he picks up on the way to the show. Dizzy Reed looks like Ricky Gervais in a braided wig, I swear to God. Whole bunch of other random L.A. musicians -- and Dilana from Rock Star: Supernova -- promise they really do know Dick. So the big news is that...starfucking is so hard-wired into the L.A. genetic code that real musicians from famous bands (and Dilana from Rock Star: Supernova) will try to glom onto some reality TV douchebag's gravy train? Message received.

HoH talk with Daniele. Not interested. Pass. Making excuses for Dick. Eric must go. Et cetera.

Filler segment: Kail's husband speaks! We return to the subject of Kail's Big Secret. ...What, you don't remember? She's a multi-business owner. She owns a grocery store, two restaurants, and a motel. Fuck with that, Trump! Husband of Kail thinks her secrecy is a great plan, because this way nobody knows who she really is. Okay, but what they do know of Kail, they hate. So: good plan! HoK excuses Dick's monstrous behavior towards his wife as "game-play," which will be nice for Kail to see once she's evicted. The churchy organ music pipes up as HoK also gives props to Kail for downplaying her psycho-religious nature, leaving all the really crazy God-talk to Jameka. I'm paraphrasing. And that's Kail: her bunny ears are so big because they're full of secrets.

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