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Needy Natalie

While they wait for Big Brother to call them to the competition, Matt goes up to the HoH room to strategize with Joshuah. They both think Ryan and Allison will lose, and Josh promises to de-nominate Matt and Natalie if they win the veto. Which Matt appreciates.

The PoV competition has a Cupid theme, with James all draped in a toga with a laurel crown and a toy bow-and-arrow. The teams head outside to find a fogged-up backyard and four suspension harnesses with angel wings hanging from pulleys. The way it's going to work is that the harnesses will lift the women up above a platform, where they'll have to put together a jigsaw puzzle about twenty feet in the air. The men will be bringing them the pieces, from bins at the far end of the playing field. The first catch is that there are more pieces than they need. The second catch is that the men will be attached to the other end of the cables holding the women, so the women can only be lifted up when their partners are off retrieving pieces from the other end of the playing field. Allison feels confident that she can do well in the puzzle, but Sheila's so afraid of heights she tries to switch with Adam. He wisely doesn't go for it. "She's gonna lift my fat ass?" he says incredulously in the DR.

When the competition starts, Ryan and Allison take an early lead, in running and screaming respectively. One by one, the teams start to realize that teamwork is of the essence here, as the women start frustratedly yelling at their men to stop raising and lowering them all willy-nilly. Adam in particular keeps running back and forth with pieces without making sure Sheila has a hold on them, causing her to fly up and down empty-handed. At least she's too pissed to be afraid of heights this way. Allison is doing well on the puzzle, but when she's down to one piece left -- and it's obvious what piece she needs, because the picture on the puzzle is the PoV symbol -- stupid Ryan keeps running back to her with the wrong piece. That gives Matt and Natalie time to catch up, pass, and beat them. Of course they're both thrilled -- Matt because he can get off the block, and Natalie because it means Matt is happy with her. Everyone else tells us about their reactions to the results, but I'm not going to get into it too much because I'm really looking forward to the commercials.

Okay, back to work. Allison and Ryan sit and mope in the kitchen about how Joshuah hates her for no reason. "He just wants to be a hater," Sheila agrees. Sheila, if you're not going to finish the thought, shut up.

Even though he's safe this week, Matt isn’t resting on his laurels, already strategizing on how to win everyone over. For instance, with Josh, he decides to "appeal to his gay side." This seems to mean, to Matt, dancing around shirtless like a big nelly and kissing Josh on the lips. The hell of it is that it works. I can't decide whether it's Matt or Joshuah who's being more insulting to gay men here.

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