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Needy Natalie

For Ryan, Matt makes the move of being his friend, and offers to campaign for the couple of Ryan's choice to go up against in the upcoming vote. As for Allison, he decides to be emotionally supportive to Allison, assuring her that Ryan isn't as worried as she is about her getting him on the block. He advises her to get on Josh's gay side too. "Gay guys are like women," he says (grrrr!!), and tells Allison to do what she's good at: "stir up some trouble." Because that's worked out so well for her. Of course she loves the idea. I think she likes being told to play to her strengths.

Later, in the kitchen, Sheila complains to Allison about Adam. And then when Adam goes to tell Sheila that it's not looking good for them, Sheila takes umbrage and tells Adam to quit putting her down. She says that she could probably have a better conversation with the wall. So that's what she does, with James in the next room playing the part of the wall, and they all end up laughing together. James DRs that Adam and Sheila's bickering takes the heat off of them. Sheila DRs that she has a love/hate relationship with Adam. I can see that, except for the love.

Back to Matt, talking about his strategy with Sharon: "make her think I care about her, which I don't." Somehow that turns into the two of them shit-talking Natalie in the HoH room. When Matt senses Natalie coming up, Sharon sends him to hide in the bathroom, which he does. Natalie pretends to be concerned about Sharon (who is ostensibly holing up because she doesn't feel well), then runs off to find Matt elsewhere. But that's not going to happen, because as soon as she's gone, Mat returns to the HoH bed and starts making out with Sharon. He DRs it's all part of his plan, and she DRs that she's not falling for it. Of course they keep going until they hear Josh's key in the lock, and split up like a couple of busted teenagers before he comes in. Josh says Natalie's hunting for Matt. She eventually comes back up, and Josh and Sharon give Matt up, saying he's in the bathroom. Natalie and her pixilated thong flop on the HoH bed, hoping to hang, but now that she's there, Matt's leaving. Natalie does some more pathetic begging for massages, to no avail. Once he's gone, Natalie assures them that he's just too turned on by her, and that's why he's pushing her away. Sharon rolls her eyes, not even caring whether Natalie notices her Matt-breath. And when she's gone, Joshuah and Sharon agree that Sharon should continue "playing" Matt if that's what it takes. The producers are like, "Yes! More making out!"

After the ads, the guys are out playing pool while Natalie watches. Finally she gets tired of being ignored by Matt, so she flounces inside. Matt appeals to the guys for advice on how you tell a girl you don't like her. So the two of them go off together and have a whole conversation where Natalie tells Matt to stop being mean to her and to talk to her and have conversations with her and be her friend. After getting kind of worked up and pissy with her, Matt ends up apologizing to her, saying he didn't realize that she only wants to be his friend. And he DRs that he's glad she knows that they're not going to have a relationship. And then she DRs that Matt's only pretending not to be her soul mate as part of his "game play." Oh, Natalie. ["I've seen a total of about twelve minutes of this show all season, and I totally saw that moment, and, OH MY GOD." -- Miss Alli]

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