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The Nicest Jerk Ever

Big Brother calls Ragan to the Diary Room, which won't seem suspicious at all. Ragan reads a few suggestions and settles on spreading the rumor that the person who gets voted out won't leave.

Saboteur message! He tells everyone that the vote doesn't matter, because the person voted out might not go. "True love does conquer all," he says. Brendon and Rachel are of course thrilled, and it gives Rachel a chance to DR about all the houseguests who are trying to "get between me and my man," because it's Thursday. They celebrate in the bedroom while the rest of the houseguests speculate on what kind of power the showmance might have. And Ragan just smirks at all of them. "Thank you for the awesome suggestion, America," he DRs happily.

Group Chenterview. They get to watch clips of the HoH competition, and Julie asks Matt if it was a tough decision to open Pandora's Box. Matt says it wasn't, "because I have no impulse control, but the risk was definitely not worth the reward." On to Kathy, about whom Julie brings up Kathy's refusal to apologize to Rachel. Kathy sticks to her guns. Julie moves on to announce that it's the halfway point in the game, and asks everyone who is the most underestimated player. Almost everyone picks Ragan, including Ragan. Well, that was awkward and pointless. And if there's a consensus on who is most underestimated, doesn't that mean the person in question isn't underestimated at all?

Shall we meet Brendon's ex-fiancée? Before we do, we see him lying in bed with Rachel and being a big old drama queen. Cut to Brendon's ex-fiancee's house, where Candice is watching with her parents, reveling in the moment where Brendon tells Rachel he loves her and she dodges his kiss. She says they were engaged for six months, but she dumped him for always trying to change her. And all that stuff he's always saying to Rachel? She's heard it all before from him. Candice's mother Mia says Brendon lived with them for eight months (AAAARGH!) and talks about how emotional and dramatic he is, and how grateful she is that he didn't marry her daughter. Then we get to see a clip we've never seen before about Brendon and Rachel arguing about Vegas, and how much Brendon hates it while it's what Rachel's all about. Candice warns Rachel that it's always all about Brendon, so look out. Except that Candice is pulling for Rachel, so does that call everything else she said into question? Naaah.

Julie switches back to the living room for the final plea speeches. Rachel thanks everyone and spends most of her time addressing Brendon, like he can vote for her. Brendon stands up and starts right in, calling Matt a liar and telling everyone that Big Brother is supposed to be about being... well, Brendon, basically. Then he starts talking about Rachel, and actually has the nerve to compare himself and Rachel to the victims of the Salem witch trials. Classy as always. But not at all dramatic.

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