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After the ads, April and Ollie (presumably sated on pigs' feet and pumpernickel) lounge around discussing their mutual love for self-help books. That segues into Ollie opening up to April about his history of paranoia in relationships, and an interminable discussion built around a road sign motif. The sign in my head right now reads "SLOW," because that's how this scene is going. ["Of course the editors put in this tedious scene instead of the disgusting footage of them doing the nasty under blankets in the middle of the house. Why would America care about that?" -- Angel]

With the nominations coming up, the formerly bravado-filled Keesha calls April up for support, and April obligingly talks her into going ahead with her plan to nominate Angie and Memphis; the former for "letting Steven go" and the latter for winning the car. April may have a point about Memphis getting out of the house ahead, but I think she goes a little far when she snots that the possibility of Memphis winning second place plus a $50,000 car is "not fair." Okay, first of all, Memphis won that car fair and square. It's got nothing to do with the outcome of the rest of the season. And second of all, if Big Brother actually paid off fifty grand to give a contestant a used car, then we're clearly in Bizarro World and nothing else is going to make sense anyway.

So then Jessie goes to Keesha to try to talk her out of it. He makes a case for Libra, who would be sure to have six votes against her. Keesha's nervous about putting up Angie and Libra, so Jessie tells her to go with Libra and Dan instead. "It's that easy," he keeps telling her. He predicts that Dan will be cool, and Libra will freak out and shoot herself in the foot. All Keesha seems to know right now is that at least one group is going to be pretty shocked by the nominations. That's enough reason right there for me not to be.

While Keesha contemplates the Memory Wall preparatory to nominations, Memphis and Angie DR about possibly being targets. Jessie feels safe (which should have told me right there that he's toast, but then I'm still relatively new at this), and just hopes Keesha nominates the people he wants her to. And Libra is hoping Keesha doesn't hold previous differences against her. As for Keesha herself, she says she's going with her gut, and two people "are going to be sorry that they messed with me." Yeah, that sounds like Keesha.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Keesha starts tearing up during her speech, finally saying, "I'm really sorry, but I have to do this." The first safe person is Dan, which is a pretty clear signal right away. Memphis also ends up being safe, so it's obvious that neither of the two main options she discussed are in effect. And then Libra's safe too! Finally, the nominees are: Angie and Jessie. We know why Keesha nominated Angie; it's because she blames her for Steven's departure. And as for Jessie, she calls him a threat and says she's also mad at him for sending one of her good friends home. Also you can't tell her what to do because you're not the boss of her. I may have added that part.

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