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Russell has an audience with Michele in the HoH room, and she explains to him about the problems she had with him last week. Russell apologizes for his part in their "miscommunications," and she lets him off the hook, although she DRs that she's going to keep an eye on him.

Dinnertime. Jessie's allies are acting like they're at Jessie's funeral, drinking his wine and essentially driving Jordan, Jeff, Russell not only insane but also out to the backyard. "This is so wrong," Chima says. Kevin twitches his eyebrows in agreement that it is, but not in the sense that Chima means. "OMG," Kevin migraines in the DR. "These girls are acting as if Jessie just got hit by a Mack truck and had been killed. I mean, he got evicted from Big Brother...This is ridonkulous." Chima even laughs affectionately about how Jessie wanted her out the first week. Kevin is more and more openly making faces like, "Who are we talking about again?" Jordan passes through and rejoins the party outside, which Michele is now part of, and tells them about the cryfest that's going on inside, as though the other group are the only ones who have lost friends from the house. You mean they're not? The next morning, that gang of four is either again or still outside, happy to hear Michele say she wants Chima out. They all love the idea.

Michele brings everyone into the living room for the Have/Have Not competition. The players pair up into four teams: Jeff/Jordan, Michele/Russell, Natalie/Chima (or "Miserable Team Number 1," according to Jeff), and Lydia/Kevin (or, as Jeff calls them, "Half-miserable team.") They go outside to find casseroles everywhere. Some are in pans on table, but two very large ones are in pools at the bottom of slides. Michelle explains the rules of "Chaoserroles." It looks like they're all working together, trying to win food for every day of the week, plus a few extra rewards. The idea is to match casseroles by tasting them. Russell and Michelle go first. They find a pair and set it on the "no cold showers" platform, while Jeff and Natalie snipe at each other from the sidelines. Jordan and Jeff go next and opt for food for Sunday. Kevin and Lydia get Wednesday food. When it's Chima and Natalie's turn, they take their time because they're still pissed enough at the house to wreck things for themselves. It goes on like this for a while, with sliding and tasting and sniping. When ten minutes are up, it's time to reveal the results. They blew Monday, but Tuesday through Sunday are correct, as is the barbecue grill, no cold showers, but no steak & lobster dinner. Not a bad showing, overall.

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