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Time for a getting-to-know-these-nutbars better sequence, in which the editors get to have a little fun with Lydia and her stuffed magical unicorn, "Dae Yum Yum." Lydia carries him around in the house, which I can't believe I haven't noticed. Even Kevin is annoyed. "It's kind of cute, but not that cute." As always, Kevin is Lydia's best friend.

Back in the slightly more real world, Russell asks Jordan if she likes Jeff that way. Jordan says maybe, if he lived in Charlotte, and Russell calls over to Jeff that she might date him. Jordan babbles, and then Jeff asks her to marry him. So they're engaged now. Congratulations. I really hope they're joking.

Natalie comes up to ask what Michele is thinking, and all Michele will tell her is that she's choosing between four people to nominate. We know who, but the editing tells us it's Natalie, Chima, Lydia, and Kevin. Natalie reminds Michele of Russell's past behavior and that he's not on her side, whatever he may be saying to her now. Michele says she's after one person. Speaking of whom, Chima arrives just as Natalie is leaving, and Michele tells Chima she won't like her nominations. Chima basically tells Michele the same thing Natalie did, and that if she keeps Russell, she's going home. Michele DRs that she's got doubts about this.

It's just about time for those nominations. As she stares at the memory wall, Chima DRs, "If she doesn't put Russell on the block, I'm going to question her ability to reason." Coming from Chima, that's got to sting. Russell is hoping that Michele will come through for him. Natalie at least admits that she hasn't had to fight in this game, which is true; she's pretty much been the Master to Jessie's Blaster all along. And as for Michele, she says her nominations are strategic as she loads up the key box.

Michele calls the nomination meeting and hauls in the key box, saying they've spent a lot of time together and made mistakes, but don't take this personally. She pulls Jordan's key, and the other safe people are Jeff, Russell, Kevin, and Lydia, leaving Natalie and Chima as the nominees. Michele tells Chima that she respects Chima as a strong woman and a fierce competitor, but won't take Michele to the final two. Michele tells Natalie that "someone had to be in the other slot, so here we are." The end.

Natalie boasts meaninglessly in the DR about how she's a force to be reckoned with, even with Jessie gone. Michele DRs, "Chima is the smartest person in the house besides me, and that makes her a huge threat." I'm not sure where to start with that statement. Russell smirks that what comes around goes around. And a dead-eye Chima DRs that she doesn't care that she's nominated. "This game is fucked, I'm fucked, my friends are fucked, so as far as I'm concerned, I don't care."

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