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Back from the ads, Julie says it's time to start HoH Part Two, the HoHening. Lane is alone in the backyard with big curtained photos behind him. Julie informs him that each curtain hides a photo of two houseguests whose faces have been digitally melded and then distorted, Frankenstein-like, complete with big square foreheads. And dude, they're pretty hideous. Lane will have to try to identify both faces in each of the five photos in two minutes. If he and Enzo both succeed, the tie will be broken by which of them did it faster. Julie tells him to go, and he spends his first ten seconds ripping down the curtains. He spends the next minute or so arranging name plaques under the photos, and hits the bell, stopping the clock at 1:13. Julie dismisses him from the backyard, then tells us he got them all correct. Will Enzo win this competition? Well, there may be a first time for everything, but Enzo's already had his first time. Nobody says there's a second time for everything.

Coming back, Julie tells Enzo the rules on camera, because we normally get every game explained twice anyway, even though the second time usually comes from a houseguest in the DR. This way we get to hear it in the exact same words.

Enzo's strategy is different from Lane's; he removes the curtains one at a time and lets himself be stumped (or at least half-stumped) on most of them at first glance. With only six of the ten names in place, he totally freezes, and Lane's time goes right on by. In fact, Enzo doesn't hit the button until he's burned a minute and 43 seconds. Julie sends him inside to wait for the results, and tells us that he also got them all right, which makes it a tie. Wait, what? "We'll determine the winner when we return." It's going to take them a whole commercial break to read the clocks and compare the two times?

We come back to find Julie standing on the correct side of the viewscreen as she gets ready to give Lane and Enzo the results. She tells them they both got them all correct, and takes longer telling them their times then Enzo spent playing, but finally Lane is named the winner of round two. Enzo's perfect streak of losing HoH competitions is complete. Julie asks them both how they feel, and Enzo admits that "it sucks," but "it is what it is." Julie says she'll see them next Wednesday for the finale. I just love that word on this show. "Finale." What's next week? The finale. Finally.

Let's say it again: after a clip show on Sunday, the two-hour finale airs on Wednesday. Let's get this over with already. Oh wait, more eavesdropping! Enzo and Lane rehash the competition over the memory wall. Thanks for the eavesdropping, Julie. That was very enlightening.

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