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One Less Bible Buddy

By way of introducing the bit where we catch up with Dick and Danielle, Julie flubs a line (the first of many she'll be stumbling over tonight) and asks us if things are still going well between the two of them. Well, based on the video clip of them, Dick is certainly happy, because the show has made him famous and brought his name-dropping to a whole new level. Plus people are dropping his name when they spot him, which is like a name-dropper's Holy Grail. With the money, he brought Danielle to Europe, and Danielle claims that their relationship is better. And Dick claims that they wouldn't be talking now if it hadn't been for Big Brother. Still sticking to their "estranged" story, I see. Oh, and Danielle and Nick aren't dating any more. In case you care. Which I don't.

The two of them sit and watch clips from the current season so they can dish about the current cast. They say James is playing the game, Sheila and Natalie talk too much, and Dick thinks this is the only season where Dick could have flown under the radar. I see his point, but even in this season, that radar would have to be on Venus. Whatever, can we be done with them now? No? No; Julie threatens that Dick will be returning next week. Oh, goody.

More DR bits. Chelsia wants Matt out for being the self-styled puppet master. Sharon wants Ryan to stay, as the safer choice from her perspective. Sheila says that Matt has never done anything to her, and we all know that Sheila's primary measure of people's morality is how they treat Sheila. But then she says something interesting. She doesn't want to make the decision as to who goes home; she wants James to do it.

Back to the viewscreen. Julie tells Matt and Ryan that the houseguests will vote live in a few minutes, but the nominees have a chance to make their case first. Ryan admits that he's running out of material for these speeches, and says he wants to make up for what he's done wrong. Matt throws himself on the mercy of the house he claims to be "humbled," and admits he was "in on a crime," and basically begs for everyone's votes.

Time to vote, and the houseguests go into the DR one by one. Chelsia goes first, and votes to evict Matt. So does Joshuah. So does Sharon. Natalie obviously votes to evict Ryan. So does Adam. So it's down to Sheila as to whether it's going to be a tie, and when she votes to evict Ryan, it's 3-3. So James is on the spot to break the tie. After the ads, that is.

Julie tells James to stand up and make his choice. Without drama, he boots Matt. Matt says his goodbyes and heads out, leaving behind a subdued house as everyone hugs a softly crying Natalie. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in her. I thought she'd be putting on a display of grief that would shame a Mob funeral.

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