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One Less Bible Buddy

Outside, Matt tells Julie that he was "wrongfully accused." Julie asks Matt why he didn't try to campaign harder with James, and Matt says it wouldn't have done any good. She asks Matt how he really feels about Natalie, and he says they'll be friends for life, but there won't be a relationship between the two of them. Given Natalie's crazy-eyed routine over the last few weeks, I'm not sure how both of those statements can be true.

Time for the taped farewells. James lectures Matt about being a nice guy, but his "attitude comes off crappy sometimes." That DR camera is behind a mirror, isn't it? I don't know why I just thought of that. Sheila talks about his relationship with Natalie, and says she doesn't want to say goodbye. Drama queen. Ryan says he'll miss Matt, and thinks they had the strongest bond of anyone in the house. Natalie is still in denial, insisting that Matt might be her soulmate after all. Matt looks like he would run away from the monitor if he weren't too busy trying not to cry. To soften the blow, Julie tells him he'll be the first jury member, which doesn't seem to make him feel much better. He starts to get up to go, but she makes him stay put for some reason. Don't be sending him back in there, lady!

OK, he's gone when we get back from the ads. I guess she was just showing off her power. Anyway, it's time for the HoH competition. It's got a thoroughly irrelevant "medieval" theme that I'm not even going to bother trying to understand, let alone explain. The way the game will work is that houseguests will have to go up against each other one-on-one to try and answer questions about things said by evicted houseguests in the DR room. But she assures them that the quotes will be totally innocuous and not give away any house secrets. Well, sure, we'd hate for anything interesting to happen here.

Joshuah and Chelsia go up against each other first as the result of a random drawing. Joshuah buzzes in on the first question, but gets it wrong, so Chelsia gets to pick the next pair to compete: Natalie and Sheila. The quote is an obvious reference to Allison and Sheila's faux-lesbian strategy of what seems like months ago, but Sheila just stands there like a moron and it's Natalie who gets it right. She is completely failing to have any kind of satisfactory breakdown here. Natalie picks Chelsia to go against Sharon. Sharon loses, and Chelsia pits Adam against Natalie. Adam buzzes in a half-second before Natalie, so she's out. The only remaining pair, Ryan and Chelsia, step up, and Chelsia wins the third round in a row. But in the final round Adam beats her, simply by buzzing in before the question is even finishes and making what looks like a wild guess. So Adam is HoH. So much for his low-profile strategy. We'll see how the hooded warrior fares when all eyes are on him.

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