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Operation Condor

Obligatory shot of everyone heading into the kitchen to meet their new best friend, the slop. Somehow, they're disgusted by it even after an afternoon of running around throwing dead fish, which says something about the slop.

Let's learn something new about Amanda: she says bueno a lot, and it gets on everyone's nerves. Chelsia does a rather funny DR imitation of Amanda in which she chirps, "Bueno!," and then jumps on the chair to wave her ass in the camera's face. Damn, that's uncanny.

Let's see how our HoH couple is doing. James admits that he kind of digs Chelsia. Chelsia is holding back, particularly when James hops into bed and tries to get her to join him. There's all sorts of cringeworthy awkwardness and mixed signals, but when they end up making out in bed, I guess that's resolved. For now. At least until Chelsia gets wind of certain James-related rumors I may have read about on the internet. What? Gay porn? Who said anything about gay porn?

Next day, it's time for Allison and Sheila to come clean with Chelsia. All Chelsia says is that she told James. Somehow that conjures James into the room, wearing nothing but a towel and his tattoos (the Colonel Sanders string tie on his sternum is my least favorite) to hear about the "latest twist." Little to no reaction from James, at least for now.

Allison decides to tell Joshuah alone in the pantry. For the original lie, she gives the excuse that she just wanted to go out with a bang, except for the part where she didn't go out because Jen is an even bigger idiot than Allison is. Joshuah just stands there in his towel and body mic, drinking from a salad bowl with his initials on it. As you do. In the DR, Joshuah jokes that, at this point, he's starting to wonder if he's straight himself. Afterward, Chelsia and Joshuah meet up and have a whispered conversation about how untrustworthy this proves Sheila and Allison are. James joins them, and when Chelsia suggests putting the two formerly fake former lesbians up, James agrees that they suck.

But what about Operation Condor? James still needs a strong pawn to go up with Alex and Amanda, so he has a discreet conversation with Matt, in which they recall James's promise not to nominate Matt. Beyond that, they're both being so elliptical that I have no idea what they're talking about.

Nominations. Amanda and Alex feel vulnerable. Natalie feels safe. Sheila is worried about the lesbian story blowing up in her and Adam's faces. Adam blathers.

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