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Rachel's Big Day

Private HoH Chenterview with Jordan in the HoH room. Julie asks how she and Jeff feel about playing with Brendon and Rachel after this week's blow-up, and Jordan basically says it's fine for now. Julie asks why Jordan didn't put up Rachel and Brendon like she thought about doing. Jordan says it was too early, and the other one of them would have stayed and come after her, breaking up her alliance for good. Like Jordan can't just ally with whoever she wants. A viewer has asked when Jordan and Jeff are going to get married and have kids, and Jordan says they have to start living in the same state first. She's so traditional. And that's it from Jordan.

Julie switches back over to the living room viewscreen and gives Cassi and Shelly a chance to plead their cases. Cassi goes first, basically talking about how awesome some people in the house are, especially Shelly, and she's glad to have been there at all. Shelly warns them that the people they meet climbing the ladder, they'll also meet coming down, like this is a corporate retreat or something. She returns the compliment to Cassi and sits down, and Julie starts sending the houseguests into the DR to vote. Not counting Jordan and the nominees, there'll be nine voters.

Unsurprisingly, Rachel, Brendon, and Jeff vote to evict Cassi. So does Adam, unhappily, and even Dominic doesn't want to risk a sympathy vote, so Cassi's officially done. Danielle, Kalia, Lawon, and Porsche make it unanimous; in a vote so lacking in suspense it didn't even merit a commercial break. That happened here instead.

When we come back, Cassi and Shelly are holding hands in the nominee chairs like they're the front seat of a 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible. Julie "breaks" the "news" that Cassi has been evicted, and Shelly has earned her Golden key, making her a lock for the top ten. Not that that's such a huge prize when there are only eleven people left in the house. Everyone hugs Cassi goodbye, especially Shelly, and they see her out the door, though not without some prompting from Julie that she needs to leave already. While she and Julie are getting set up out in the studio, most people inside the house are offering their sympathies to Shelly, although Brendon is whispering something in Jeff's ear and somebody's mic is live while they're in the bathroom. Turns out it's Rachel, as we hear Brendon asking who's in there. Yes, America just heard Rachel pee. She always gets her way, but at what price?

Julie asks Cassi about her final plea that sounded more like a farewell speech. Cassi talks about how she didn't want to say anything against Shelly and she knew she was going home anyway, for "personal reasons." Julie asks her to say more about that, and Cassi just says a couple of girls "weren't a big fan of mine." "Was it jealousy because you're just so damn pretty?" Julie asks, almost seriously. Cassi sort of dodges the question, and Julie asks if she regrets sticking with the newbies early on. Cassi thinks a newbie alliance would have happened anyway, and starts to talk more about that, but time's up; Julie cuts her off by saying she was honest and going to the farewell messages.

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