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Rachel's Big Day

Jordan says she's sorry to see Cassi leave, and she couldn't turn against her alliance, putting it down to jealousy. Speaking of which, Rachel calls Cassi the worst game player ever. As for Cassi's accusation that she doesn't like girls, Rachel insists, I just don't like you." Or any other girl who doesn't kiss her ass. Dominic tells her that she's better than anyone else in the house. Shelly gives her a heartfelt goodbye, but doesn't confess to voting against Keith. "See you soon," is all she says. And that's it for Cassi.

Back from the ads, the studio audience has been joined by the Zingbot 3000, proudly holding up a sign that reads "Comic-Con Or Bust." Aw, Zingbot! Julie announces the HoH competition. In the backyard, there's a big mouse and mouse-pad, and four women on the sidelines: outgoing HoH Jordan, and the three Golden Key holders Daniele, Porsche, and Shelly. Everyone else is in game-show cubicles positioned inside a frame designed to look like a giant computer monitor, because the game is called "Big Brother Online." It's one of those things where they have to guess how America answered some opinion questions on about the houseguests, emphasis on guessing. The questions begin. Everyone unanimously guesses that America would rather get mouth-to-mouth from Jeff than Brendon, and after Jeff gives a sardonic little fist-pump, the next question is about who's more likely to pee in the pool: Adam or Kalia. That's another no-brainer, and Adam waves his devil-horns. Everyone but Kalia thinks America believes Porsche would be more likely to steal someone's lover than Rachel would, so Kalia's out. And Rachel's going to make it a tough week for her, I suspect. Everyone but Jeff thinks Brendon is more likely to save someone from a burning building than Shelly, so he's out too. Jeff and Kalia are both going to be in the doghouse now. As for who America would rather see in a bikini all summer, the remaining newbies all vote for Porsche, while Brendon and Rachel say Daniele. So with Adam, Dominic, and Lawon out, either Brendon or Rachel is going to be HoH this week. There is no best-case scenario here. They both get the next question wrong (apparently America would rather cheat off of Jordan in a test than Lawon, in which case America deserves the grade it'll get), but they disagree on whether America thinks Adam or Dominic is more likely to go bananas in the house. Rachel guessed Adam, so she's HoH again. God, she's going to be so insufferable this week. You know, like she is every other week. Brendon's also safe for the week, and of course this is the third week in a row that the veterans get to run the house. Whatever happens, it's going to be five veterans and five newbies in the house at this time next week. Rachel's still hugging everyone when we go to ads, but we'll see how long that lasts.

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