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Rachel's Big Day

After the last break, everyone's back in the living room so Rachel can tell Julie how excited she is to be HoH again. Julie asks Shelly how it feels to be safe for the week. Shelly says it's great, but her Golden Key is also a golden key to the fridge: "I haven't eaten for a week." After signing off with them, Julie says that on Sunday, Rachel will be nominating another duo for eviction (for whatever petty little bug gets up her ass between now and then), and a mystery celebrity guest will be surprising the houseguests. Someone who has something to plug, no doubt. I'm hoping it's Olivia Wilde to flog Cowboys & Aliens and everyone mistakes her for Cassi. Julie also says the PoV will happen on Wednesday's episode, and during next week's live eviction, there'll be a "change in the game," like we don't all know that the couples will be over. Can it be a coincidence that the Golden Keys will expire at the same time?

In the final eavesdropping segment, Porsche is thanking Kalia and Dominic for voting for her as America's bikini girl. Biggest night of Porsche's life, I'm thinking. We also see the veterans in one of the bedrooms, but they're so bleeped we don't hear anything they're saying except something about washing the bedding. Which, now that I think about it, make me really glad they got bleeped.

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