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Disenchanted April

Dan goes to the DR to open his America's Player instructions. He reads the question first: who should he try to get nominated? After hoping aloud that it isn't Libra, he opens the envelope to see that he's been instructed to target Jessie. Dan happily promises to do his best.

You can tell Dan's on a secret mission, because he's sitting around inside wearing his sunglasses. Out of nowhere, he approaches April to briefly pitch her the idea of nominating Jessie. April acts open to it, but goes straight to Libra and Keesha with the news that she thinks Dan is America's Player. Nice going, Dan.

Michelle borrows one of Renny's wigs to go out and sunbathe, where Dan gives her some unsolicited diction lessons. Half an hour of HoH competition tonight, and they're still putting in this filler.

Keesha, meanwhile, is talking to Memphis and revealing that her predictions are taking the same direction mine did. Memphis runs a scenario past Keesha: he thinks April will nominate Memphis against Jerry or Dan. Seeing Keesha's dubious expression, he asks her, "You think she'll break her promise to Michelle and put Jessie up?" Keesha claims this is the first she's heard of any such promise. Memphis smirks at having stirred up some shit that can only be to his advantage.

Up in HoH, April is complaining to Ollie about Keesha's "disrespect" in becoming friends with Memphis, after April "saved" her. Now she's calling Keesha a "little bitch" behind her back, though, so I think that evens things out a little.

What up, Karen from Ohio? She's the one who came up with tonight's America's Player task: "Which houseguest do you want Dan to hug for at least ten seconds?" I just love watching these voting instructions burn up air time.

April considers her nominations. Keesha is aware that being friends with Memphis might make her a target, but isn't going to do anything about it. Dan is only concerned about his America's Player responsibilities, which he spent all of fifteen seconds on. Michelle is confident in the promise April made to her up on the wall. Memphis says that April would be an idiot not to nominate him, and admits that he would have done the same to her. And as April loads the key box, she says that her two nominees are people she doesn't trust. Well, that narrows it down.

At the nomination meeting, April turns out to have nominated Jessie and Memphis. So that's a big win for Dan. April tells Jessie that he is an intimidating competitor, and April cites the car curse as her reason for nominating Memphis. Even though she's the only one who's ever been seen to give a shit about that.

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