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Separate Vacations

Brendon realizes that he is now going to have to decide whether to nominate Britney or Matt after Ragan vetoes himself. Which, as Lane says, means a 50-50 chance that there will be two Brigade members on the block. "We can't have that!" Oh, but we just might.

Afterwards, Ragan talks to Matt and Britney in the Have-Not dump, promising to do everything he can to keep them both there. They can all pretty much agree that the one who needs to go home is Kathy. Which I can't really argue with, except for the fact that Kathy stepped up the one time it mattered. Matt goes to get himself a bowl of slop, and Ragan gushes to Britney about how awesome she and Matt both are. There is crying. There is hugging. There is wanting to change the channel. One of those might have just been me.

Hayden and Enzo talk about how the worst-case scenario is Brendon nominating Matt as Ragan's replacement, but they quickly find the silver lining. which is that if Matt goes home, they're actually in pretty good shape. In fact, Hayden DRs about what a threat he considers Matt, with his competitive chops and his alleged brains and his votes on the other side of the house that the rest of the Brigade doesn't have. Of course they don't now about Matt's Diamond PoV, which would knock better plans than theirs into a cocked hat.

Brendon enters the HoH room to find Pandora's Box waiting for him. The video feed from inside the vault shows an envelope, and a card outside the door hints at a tropical vacation for two while warning that every temptation has a consequence. But of course the video screen showing Rachel acting all slo-mo flirty with the camera makes the decision easy for him. By which I mean he decides to go for the prize, not that he reacts as a normal person, who would recoil from the screen so quickly there would be a person-shaped hole in the wall and a rain of debris from the shattered railing following that person through his or her plummet off the mezzanine to sweet, merciful death. When Brendon goes inside the Pandora's Box room to open the envelope, it congratulates him on winning a "24-hour vacation from the game" at a "private mansion in Malibu." In other words, the jury house, not that Brendon seems to realize that. Brendon puts on a sleep mask and walks right out the room's other exit, and presumably out of the house.

Aaand...the front doorbell rings. Ragan goes to answer it, and in charges Rachel, screaming, "HA HA HA, I'M BACK BITCHES!" Although this does not result in seven Enzo-, Lane-, Hayden-, Britney-, Kathy-, Matt-, and Ragan-shaped holes in the far wall, obviously nobody is happy to see her. She revels obnoxiously in their unalloyed horror of her. "Someone opened Pandora's Box, and now you have to deal with me for 24 hours!" she brays. And then she tells Ragan that she's still a juror so he has to be nice to her. "No, I don't," Ragan says, adding that he'd consider her vote against him an honor.

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